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Game improvement suggestions to vote on

I posted some suggestions in Discord and someone suggested I repeat them here. So I’ll post about 15 suggestions as separate posts and you can all vote for or against them (or abstain, if you think, ‘meh’). Feel free to discuss once I’ve posted all of them. (Note that not all of these are mine.)

  • Zoom out the map to full width (esp. in Underworld).
  • Add Delve Weapons to make Pure Delve more doable.
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  • Allow Treasures to be upgraded to higher strength treasures (eg: convert all those Rings into Chalices).
  • Allow sorting of troops/pets/weapons by Kingdom, to help with planning Kingdom Power increases. (And other new options.)
  • Split up the Filter for troops and weapons into two different (saveable) Filters.
  • If I type a Kingdom or Race name into a troop filter, automatically move that to the appropriate drop-down.
  • Add a Hero Class Level progress bar to the end of a battle whenever you get Class XP.
  • Add totals for other battle rewards (eg: you just got 2 Minor Wind Traitstones, so you now have a total of 25).
  • Speed up the PvP Trophy/Rank advancement screen by making all the animations concurrent!
  • Have different sound cues for Gnomes vs Valravens vs Battlecrashers in a battle.
  • Dynamically adjust top button for spending Chaos Shards, so it spends everything you have rather than 200.
  • Dynamically adjust middle troop levelling button to level 10 or level 15, whenever the max you can afford is the same as the max the troop can reach.
  • Allow teams to be copied from your full team list to your Event team (and possibly vice versa) – especially useful in Tower of Doom now, when you want to change teams!
  • Map the same function as “Esc” to my mouse’s thumb button, just like every Browser maps it to Back.
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  • If the devs decide on any more resource sinks (Tacet said a Traitstone sink would be useful), the benefits of that resource sink should definitely be temporary, in my opinion. Otherwise, you have the same problem as now, with something like Dawnbringer: once you have it, you start accumulating lots of Souls again.
  • Idea for a new Trait: Skull damage deals half damage to the second enemy. (Like splash damage.)
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That one would have to be a mythic trait, even the cactus legendary only splashes 3 damage from skulls (even though it goes to team damage not splash)

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Here’s another one:

  • Setting to disable “two taps” mode on mobile.

(There’s two ways to move gems on touch devices: 1) swipe a gem in the direction you want, 2) tap the two gems you wish to swap, one after the other. Trouble is, sometimes the swipe can be misinterpreted as a tap, and when you try again, it may see it as a “swap-tap” and make the wrong move – can ruin a match!)

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Many good suggestions!

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