Quality of Life Enhancement Requests

I’m a relatively new player in terms of others on the forums, but the game is overall great - with tons of things to do and more to do after 4.6 (even though the level of farming seemingly needed is alarming).

But I’d like to suggest some QoL enhancements:


  • Remove the “MVP” page. It seems to serve no purpose and just slows down an already tedious exercise (I’m looking forward PVP being potentially marginalized in 4.6). Unless the troop will be rewarded something after 4.6 - which seems unlikely.
  • Standardize trophies. It’s very odd to get 3 trophies for a group in one set, then that same group gets 2 in a future set.

Delves -

  • Allow us to buy Tiers with gems similar to weekly/monthly event for our daily delves to allow users to catch-up. Simply have the buffs last 24 hours (or till next reset). For some delves, the faction team will be nearly impossible without some tier bonuses to assist.
  • For the faction team, the faction weapon should count as part of the troops (assuming it already does not)
  • Change the weekly delve from Tuesday to Weekends :frowning: or alternate older delves on non-event weekends, similar to ornamental pet rescues

Challenges -

  • Pointlessly scrolling right is no fun. Align the layout similar to a pet rescue (e.g. no scrolling needed)

Arena / Treasure Hunt -

  • Confirmation of some sort that you about to start the event

Kingdoms -

  • Kingdom Bonus - display what that kingdom bonus IS - not simply what level or whatever it is at.
  • Leveling kingdoms - when you have to level “10 troops to level 20” or whatever; create a button to “level all” to 20 to meet the requirement - where the game selects which ones. Warning should let player know they have no choice if they use the expedited method
  • In each Kingdom, show the “class”, pet(s), and “delve” and are linked to it.
  • Question - for the icons next to each kingdom level (fountain, statue, etc.) - what purpose do they serve? Other than defining levels?

Classes -

  • Allow class xp earned to go into a “pool” where you can apply overage to any class. Even if the ratio is 10:1 . Worst part of this game is getting a class to 100, then not being able to use it without feeling like you are being inefficient

Player stats -

  • Would be nice to see some stats in game - time/match overall, time/match this week, gold/week overall, gold/week average etc. etc. etc.

Raid/Sieges -

  • A guild leaderboard similar to ToD, right now seems somewhat pointless to keep doing anything once final portal is closed. Unless you can get #1, who wants to spend hours and hours for an orb of growth?

Icon Sets / Pictures -

  • Display which “event” they unlocked from. Seems odd to say ‘unlocked from event’ for each one. Obviously they were

That’s just to add “flavor”, inspired by Puzzle Quest.

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I’ve always thought one thing they should change for pvp, is who is in the pool of players to fight
It is only those who have recently done pvp battles as far as I could tell
If you play 20 battles, u are guaranteed multiple repeats(at least on ps4)
Open up the pool to anyone logged in the game, or maybe even has logged on in the last 24 hours

Overall not that important, but it’s weird to have thousands of players, but having to fight the same few repeatedly


Using a team should grant class XP to the class associated with that team, even if your hero isn’t actively in it.


So much this.

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I agree with this request. But in the meantime, you can scroll left for the last half.