Quality of life improvements

Really quick, I’ve been playing this game a ton. It’s really fun, I just see a lot of things that take too much time, and could be much more streamlined.

  • be able to select what level you want for a troop instead of only having max level as an option:: Yes I usually try to max things out. There are times I’d like to just make a team level 10 for example.

  • show the symbols the kingdoms give traitstones for without going into each one looking at explore mode. I start to remember some, but there’s a ton of kingdoms.

  • ascending troops having to click 25 times is pretty obnoxious, honestly I don’t see a reason to put 3 of 10 into the card, just fill the bar with all the cards if you click ascend.

  • when you finish a battle in a quest, explore, challenges have a menu to click if you want to exit to the map or do the next battle:: I don’t know why, but when I keep getting kicked to the map after each fight it feels like it’s taking forever. However in pvp I can just keep clicking a new battle and easily grind away.

  • the menus everytime you get tribute, go up a level in pvp ect. I’m not sure if those tally everything you won slowly for a loading screen. Or if it could be replaced with a screen that instantly shows what you got and let’s you skip.

Just little things I think could streamline things quite a bit. Thanks

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Welcome to the forums!

There is actually a fairly extensive QOL wishlist going that a number of people have contributed to and most of your ideas are already there in one form or another. You can check out the list here:

The good news is that the next update is said to be focused mostly on QOL issues and bug fixes, so hopefully we’ll see some progress on a bunch of these items soon!


Oh wow, I apologize I looked around the suggestions and didn’t see
anything, I should have searched better first.

No need to apologize. The search is fussy and there are thousands of threads. also, the ‘your thread sounds like…’ function is a joke.