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4.0 in Screenshots and salty tattoo :)

Hi everyone, as promise i watched the entire stream and will post some screenshot for people who can’t watch the 90 minutes streams

There is lot of new things to cover and i am excited to see this release update. I think the delves will be fun and can’t wait to start collecting treasures :slight_smile:

But enough talking there we go!

So they started smooth with a krystara map preview, they added some animation in the map you can see snow falling and some fire

IMG_9164 IMG_9165 IMG_9166

Like i was expecting, if you click Krystara button it will toggle the Underworld map
You will also be able to coollect tribute with the same button, so if you are im the Underworld, you will still see if you got a tribute ready to collect

IMG_9167 IMG_9170 IMG_9168

PC will now get a double arrow in the troop menu to help them scroll faster, it will change category, as example if you place the filter to troops rarity, you will start at mythic then if you click double arrow down you will see legendary


The hero icon is now gone and you will need to click on the avatar icon on the top left to see your hero menu

The hero bonus screen changed to be more clear

So the faction quest look like this, unlike kingdom the quests are smaller and only last 7 chapter instead of 20 for kingdoms
You will need to complete the quests to unlock Delve, portals and treasure hoard


This SS showing your faction renown (current faction) and total renown is the total of every factions


You will renown by completing delve and get bonus points for some specific achievement

-max delve level completed
-max delve completed without losing a troop
-number of faction troop used

These some example of faction reward you can get with the renown points

Faction quest got one particularity, you see the 4 block in the middle? It’s not a bug, this is a new feature. So you can’t move these 4 block or match gems yo replace them. They can drop like normal gems if you match gems below but they will stay on the board. The only way to completely remove them is with explosion.

IMG_9179 IMG_9181 IMG_9185 IMG_9183

Each faction got a different block setup, this one is from another faction


So once the quests are completed 7/7, you can now start to delve, but you only can complete 3 delves per day.

It doesn’t need to be done in the same faction, you can make 2 in one faction and 1 in the other. The delve will reset every day


This is the treasure hoard menu, when you complete delve you can open some
Chest and win treasure and then use them to increase the treasure level or rarity


Each treasure level will give you some extra bonus for your futures delves in that faction, so yeah you will need to increase every faction for the best rewards

IMG_9189 IMG_9190

The quality level will increase the chance to win better rewards, ingots, gold etc…

These are the portals, you only can open them with chaos shards. You can win chaos shard when you do delves and open chests

You can win faction troops or treasures when you open portals

IMG_9194 IMG_9195 IMG_9192 IMG_9193

When you start delve you can pick the difficulty you want, the higher difficulty you finish the better your renown points will be


So once you picked your difficulty you see the delves maps and you can follow the path you want after defeating the first room, it doesn’t matter. You also can pick multiple path until you decide to beat the boss. When you beat the boss the delve is over


Each room got a different troop to beat and when you beat them it will unlock a bad effect for the rest of the delve

IMG_9200 IMG_9198 IMG_9201 IMG_9203 IMG_9202

Each room also got different rarity and their boost change for each rarity

Just to clarify, Common rooms are 50% of the Boss’s level, Rare 60%, Ultra-Rare 70%, Epic 80%, Legendary 90% and Bosses are 100% of the delve level.

So when you build your team you get some color restriction, depending of the faction. In this case blue and green are the restriction. You don’t need to use both color on the same troop as long they got 1 of them you are okay


So when your team is builded and you start the first battle, your team wîll be locked and you won’t be able to change troop untill the end

Also when you loose a troop it will be lost untill the end.
You can summon troop and they will stick to the end also. The summoned troop doesn’t need to fit with the color restriction


If you are fighting a troop who change your troop order, it will remain the same order untill the end

Also very important! Make sure the troop you are using are fully leveled and traited before you start the first battle cause when it’s locked it’s locked :slight_smile:

So when you win a battle you see a rewards screen similar as other game mode and you will see the gold or soul earned from your normal battle and from the delve. They are both separated


As i said earlier each enemies give you different rewards and will give you a bad effect untill the end of the delve.

You can see the treasure bunus was x2,1 and jumped to x 2,25

IMG_9210 IMG_9211 IMG_9209

This is what oz won when he beated the boss :slight_smile:


And this is what he won when he opened his delve chest, unfortunately he won 0 faction troop

IMG_9214 IMG_9215

After finishing the delve you can now see his faction and total renown increase

You also can notice what are the next rewards when you reach different milestones


This is a different faction map they started before streaming and you can see salty lost 2 troops and OZ a to battle with only 2 troops lefts, he did a great job he still won :slight_smile:
So yes you can start several delve at the same time and when you come back you will be where you were.
IMG_9218 IMG_9217 IMG_9219

This time he got better luck with the delve chest

When you finish delve you can now choose to pick higher or lower difficulty for your next delve


So when you use your treasure it increase your treasure hoard level and better quality %
it will cost some gold to do it and the gold needed will increase every level

IMG_9222 IMG_9223
We will also get new delve faction event, they will last 1 week and they are not limited by 3 every day

And finally some faction troops preview with their banners.

Each faction will only contain 4 troops designed to work very well together

IMG_9187 IMG_9228 IMG_9229 IMG_9227 IMG_9235 IMG_9226 IMG_9236 IMG_9232 IMG_9231 IMG_9234 IMG_9230 IMG_9224 IMG_9233 IMG_9237

Challenges will now get a retry button!!! Hurray!!!

And im case you wonder what is the max hoard level and their bonus, Oz showed it :slight_smile:

And for reaching 330 viewers lol i think it was a record, salty showed her new tattoo :stuck_out_tongue:



There’s no tattoo in here, that’s a lie!!! :heart:


lol sorry it took me awhile you guys showed alot today :slight_smile:

edit: sorry some pics are out of order, it happen when you select more then one but it was too long to do them 1 by one :slight_smile:

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@Saltypatra When we click on our hero pic now it takes us to our profile will we still be able to see that in 4.0?

We covered this a bit on stream, but yes, you can either click your name in chat, or click on the “You have joined Global Chat (channel 001)” line that appears when you join chat.


Will Global chat be repaired for PC/Steam in 4.0?

Oh my… I was wrong, Razzagor’s prediction is very close to real game mechanic. Look like we get new board obstacles in Delve after all. So exciting!!


I wonder if they will release troop who create these block? I think about someone like Asiris who could pick wich gem he want to change as a block, it could be interesting and would open door for different strategy imo


I do wonder how we are going to know which faction each of those troops belong to for kingdoms. That’s kind of bugging me now.

They have said that All Seeing Eye = Darkstone, and Hall of Guardian = Whitehelm. So when 4.0 is available, both of these Overworld kingdom will have 4 more troops to collect for raising stars level. As for the future Fraction, I’m sure there will be more information once they’re released.

What? Nothing about my tattoo? For shame.

We did our best to cover as much as we could. You will find out more when the update hits!


Your tattoo is nice but need color :slight_smile:

I don’t like colour tattoos, my whole sleeve is going to be black and white.

Also, some more information will be going out on Monday regarding the update. Before anyone asks, no, no patch notes, but there will be something cool…


If I heard correctly, Ozball told that new factions would be added 1 per month.

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We will release factions more frequently than we did kingdoms. :slight_smile:

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Almost 2,5 years to give every kingdom a faction…

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So - there will be no new kingdoms? The expansion will go to factions only? (I just see at least 2-3 places on the main map where you may place a kingdom…)

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You did an amazing job, thank you for the awesome recap!

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When is the update?

Sometime soon. The devs will never say for certain until they push the “Release” button. If they give a date and it’s wrong, lots of people will be disappointed. There’s no upside for saying a release date.

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