Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


Remember the thread where people puzzled over the event schedule that was datamined?

WARNING: Future Schedule Spoilers Ahead! Unmask at your own risk!

SPOILER: https://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/WeeklyEvents.pl

Faction Events are handled just like Class Events. So, all those blank spots in the schedule on Tuesdays every week must be… Faction Events ! And that is the case, then the blank spot on Friday September the 14th must be a weekend new Faction Event!

It’s a weapon. It says so right in the picture. :stuck_out_tongue:


Is this supposed to be here, the troop restrictions?


Yes, the gameplay flow in the Underworld is intentionally different than that of Krystara. Intentionally so by design. One could almost say that the Underworld runs on a completely different economy that is mostly independent from Krystara.

Oh, and you might want to go find a new Scouter. Whitehelm can now boost its power levels over 9 (thousand) stars with the update. :slightly_smiling_face:


If I was chasing kingdom star levels I’d be bankrupt by now. :smiley:


Suggestion please change it back on the PS4 to be able to navigate the map with the directional pad instead of the joystick.


Xbox One console:

Would like the cursor function back from 3.5 and before where I can go from kingdom to kingdom with dpad/left stick instead of treating it like a mouse and slowlyyyyy scrolling from one part of the map to the next.

Would like the zoom-out feature to come back, so I can see the outside kingdoms without dealing with said slow scrolling


suggestion on Android : once all the assets are downloaded, please remove the button from the “Settings/General” screen


same during the delve it suck to use the left stick to select the battle


We released across PC and mobile at the same time, PS4 only moments after. (XBox got released first this time!) Some platforms take longer than others to propagate, and this is certainly the case for iOS, unfortunately. :frowning:

We always aim to release across every platform within a half hour period.


It is unlikely that we will be bringing back scrolling on console with the D-pad. With the way the new map is set up, it would be harder to maintain with consequent updates in the Underworld. Sorry for the inconvenience @Ghaleon and @TheIdleOne.


Ok but can we just tap on the left/right or up/down with the joystick during delve? Cause the way it working we need to hold the stick in the good direction untill cursor is locked to the room you want

If you miss your shot it return to the previous room.


Does the Underworld effect the Overworld kingdoms?

If there’s no plan to add more kingdoms to the Overworld anytime soon, it would be nice to at least have cursor scrolling back there. During the Vault event, I loved to jump between kingdoms. Now it’s a chore to go from Drifting Sands to Zaejin to Dhrak-Zum as an example. Kingdom choice does matter as some Kingdoms are much more annoying to play that others.

Now I’m inclined to only play 1-2 Kingdoms due to convenience.


I actually prefer the new scrolling. In the old map there was invisible walls everywhere blocking you from going from one kingdom to another. Some kingdoms could only be accessed by taking the long route through 4 or 5 other kingdoms first. Was very frustrating.


I have a suggestion:

Now for feedback:

So far the update is cool, Delve is surely interesting and there is room for improvement specially regarding the Stone Blocks, i think it’s possible to work out some blocks with extra effects as i suggested before. The extra effects/traits for the remaining enemies in the delve is also an interesting concept.

The current buffs to some troops are very welcome, the Mythics and specially Scorpius. Some other changes for the legendaries didn’t changed a lot… but well… i already gave my suggestion of what should be buffed next so i guess that’s it for now. :grin:


Oh my God, get rid of those pathetic, cartoonish new graphics! The old ones were outstanding, but these new ones look like they came out of Candy Crush or something.


Give more turns to do the delves. I completed all 3 today in like 15 minutes.


The new map looks like a 3D model without fully rendering.

Nerfed expploder ruin the game experience, make the game discontinued. Ruin the combo. Take me more time on filling the “supposed to be full” troop.

3 Delve make 27 new battle per day, which make the game more job like. I found 3 or 5 dungeons a good amount in comparison.


Only 1 Champion XP for 1 Delve battle… But why?


Good gravy. It took me far longer to do just two. What faction were you delving, and what team did you use?


I used mountain crusher/infernus/ishbaala/abysnia in the hall faction.