Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback

7,500 golds for a Delve chest level 6… Really?


so the treasures are usable troops but…if you use them in a hoard it…burns them and you dont have them anymore?seems worth…

Yup. That’s faster than what I was using!

@awryan That’s a bug not a suggestion but it is fixed :wink: Thanks for the report :heart:

Yes, that is correct @en9nhcet . If you sacrifice all your hoards to the card you lose the Troop copies.

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It’d be nice if the Underworld map / some other screen had an easy way to overview your Hoard and Delve levels on each faction without having to scroll slowly across the huge unzoomable map and click on each one individually…


Also: really really need some way of showing where you have a Delve left in-progress. Having started a Delve then gone back to the world map, I now have no way of knowing where I left Delves unfinished. Can we get an ! symbol on the Faction badge on the map at least? And repeat on the Delve box when I click the Faction…


So again people in other side of the planet who wake up now lose 3 delves. Nothing changes with this things and is something many times commented.

And no Patch Notes 24 hours before, as it was said. :disappointed_relieved:

Maybe some day people with other time zone get benefit with something?
Sure not :no_mouth:

After a week those “bonus” three Delves from today will barely matter. After a month they’ll be irrelevant. The only people who will be affected by this are those trying to be the first to reach Hoard level 1000 or Delve level 500.


I don’t like the fact the game doesn’t tell you the chance of the delve chest being upgraded. One run it can go to level 6, level 7 or level 4. That is annoying when you go through all the challenges on higher difficulties for a lower tier chest.

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Random thoughts on the blocks on the board… as a PQ veteran, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for them to be added…


  • I think in PQ they didn’t drop when you destroyed gems below them. I think I prefer them this way though
  • most people will still use exploders so these blocks will be a temporary annoyance for a couple turns before explosions rinse them away
  • they are potentially a pain to loop teams, restricting the gem combos to keep colour-picking for loops - which is a shame, as I like loop teams, and they actually need skill to play
  • conversely they help gem spawners, as they compress the space where gems are created
  • I haven’t checked yet - do ‘remove’ or ‘destroy’ spell effects also remove blocks, or is it only explosions?

The help center articles went out beforehand, not the patch notes.

Everyone is in different time zones, there’s no way to cater for everyone. Everyone gets 3 Delves a day.

@Cyrup is correct, we didn’t commit to releasing these patch notes 24 hours before hand. In the future, we are unlikely to do this, as it causes a huge amount of confusion with people asking where the update is. (Yes, even if we make it abundantly clear that the update will arrive in the next 24 hours.)

It’s worth saying again - collecting tribute on the Map button is awesome, convenient and a genius idea. If a particular beta tester wants to 'fess up to being said genius, I will shower you with praise! :smiley:


Why no “welcome to 4.0” mini calendar? Some chaos shards with maybe a troop from each faction


Yes but the day is over and here mostly of the people be sleeping, so they wake up with 3 less delves than all the others.

This happens always like when vault keys were release, many people get a lot of vault keys the 2 first hours and also some Cedrics.

The people in the other side don’t get the chance to this, and is only an example of things that always happen when something new is release and many people get less chance to get the rewards , the sin?,> live in other side of the planet.´


Our updates are released at a time when all of our team are in the office, to ensure that we can run damage control if necessary. This is why they tend to drop between 10 and 11 AM AEST.

I think that ensuring staff are on to respond to comments, fix bugs and monitor the update is more important than changing the release time to benefit a smaller portion of our playerbase. No matter what time we release, some players will be upset. I’m sorry if that answer is disappointing, but I believe that having our staff present when an update goes live should be our top priority.


Sure I understand.

Yeah maybe I´m crazy asking for 3 delves for the people who can´t play yesterday.
As we are part of the smaller portion of the players I will not ask for anything, just seeing we are not going to be rewarded or we will not be heard or taken into the priority things for game.

People can do for themselves, for sure.

(ahem. )



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First thoughts on the New Update

What I like:

  1. The Faction quests and stories. I’ve always liked this part of the game. You guys do pretty well with the story telling and all that

  2. We have more troops via the Factions. Some of them are rather interesting and I got into this game for the troops. So, always nice to see more of them.

  3. The loading screen. Very well done. Vibrant, colorful, and I like how they “flow” into each other.

What I’m indifferent about:

  1. The individual troop balances. Some are good, some are not that great. Same as always.

  2. The Soul Gnome. Cute idea and I like that we are expanding the Vault. But, I got souls coming out of me by the Thousands. The possibility of a vault keys is nice though.

What I dislike:

  1. The Map. Everything about it. How does it look? Like something that came out of a cartoon from 2002. How do you move around on it? With the most awkward imitation of a mouse and scrolling technique I have ever seen. I would like the ability to move around the map with my D-Pad back please! (especially, when that’s the way I’ve moved around the map for almost two years now. Its in my “muscle memory” to use that D-Pad. So, that scrolling is beyond awkward to me. Not to mention super slow.

  2. The troop color restrictions. I get it, it’s a gimmick. Same as Invasions and Raids and Class Events, and even GW (if you want to get good scores). I get it. But I don’t like it. I hate that those other games restrict me, and I hate that this one does as well. Personally, I think it’s “handcuffing” us for the sake of “because we can”, and I don’t like it. Never have, never will.

  3. The portals/shards. Another currency to use, really? I just… I can’t even… Sigh.

  4. The treasure/hoard/Gold Sink/Whatever you bloody call it, thing. Not only is it a Gold sink, it’s just needlessly complicated (like most of GoW for the last year or so). Remember the days when you just got troops, leveled them up, traited them out and just battled for basic stuff that you used to level kingdoms, open chests or complete tasks? I do.

  5. The Exploding Gems/Exploder troops nerf. Yeah, that’s just… No.

  6. I’m sure there is more

All in all, another fitting update for Gems of War 2.0. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. But, it could be worse, I guess.

I give it a 3.5/10