All hail Grundulum, untrammelled genius!


As promised:

All hail @Grundulum, most effulgent genius, for it was he who suggested that Tribute be collectable from the map button in version 4.0!

A champion of our Quality of Life is he, and for this, we shower him with praise and respect!

Let his renown ne’er be forgotten!


And thank @Alpheon, who I believe was the dev who actually implemented the thing. And did so better than my original idea would have been!

My idea was just a notification on the map button. Being able to collect tribute directly is so much better than that.




This is for real one of my favorite features of 4.0. Thanks @Grundulum.


Not all heroes wear capes.


What makes you think @Grundulum doesn’t wear a cape?


Does anyone else manually scroll to Whitehelm anyway, by force of habit?


Edna only designs for the best heroes, of course.