Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback

anyone else find it amusing that they nerf gem exploders right as they add those stupid blocks that’s can only be removed with explosions? (Also you should be able to match gems next to the blocks to get rid of them, too)

Not to mention… they add those weak delve troops that explode 1-4 gems… because, you know, that’s overpowered and not completely useless…

So rather than introduce troops that could be maybe decent with explosions, you nerf the amount of mana explosions give because “you get the bulk of it from cascades anyways”… what cascades are you getting from a troop that explodes 1-4 gems??

Plus, exploders have always been unpredictable. It’s that chaos I like (love seeing the whole board explode - but not if I get little mana out of it because it’s not effecive anymore). The only way it’s almost a guaranteed 4 of a kind match is if you have a storm going (and even then it’s not 100%).

There’s countless times where it backfires and causes a loss because it filled up the entire enemy team. That’s the downside of explosions.

Loopers are 100% reliable and it’s what a lot of people use over explosions prenerf!! What’s so bad about having both as viable options?

It should not have been nerfed at all, but at least not down to 50%. It should have been given to us to test at 60%.


Please get rid of the slow down to basic speed when you have a spell selected.
This has been talked about already for some time now, and i think Devs even reacted to it, but it is still in the game, that would really be a welcome small qol change, thanks.

Also un-nerf Worldbreaker please, that is all.


I’m a relatively new player, only 5 weeks or so in, but I’ve really been enjoying the game. I made an account here on the forum solely to comment that I hate, hate, hate the exploder nerf. I would absolutely prefer to go back to 3.5 just to be free of it.

This nerf literally makes the game less fun to play. No nerf should do that.

For me, I love exploders. I love the chaos, the board turnover, I love figuring out how to work exploders into a team synergy, but most of all, I love the quick mana fills, which make for much quicker fights. Make no mistake, we have to get through a godawful amount of fights in this game, whether to farm traitstones, raise gold for kingdom maxing, or get through to Tier 1 PvP each week. Let’s not even talk about Dawnbringer. I don’t mind the grind, as long as it’s fun, but the explode nerf makes grinding more tedious and less fun. It even affects the basic Sunbird explore team’s speed—I’m averaging a couple rounds more per match now. That means even more time slogging through traitstone/gold farming, and the farming being less fun.

The purpose of the nerf doesn’t even make sense. Oh, mythics were filling up too fast for far endgame players? Cool, maybe increase mana requirements for the Mythics that were the problem, or nerf exploders just for people with obscenely high magic. As for me, I don’t HAVE any mythics. I don’t have huge magic levels. I just started playing, and my basic Sunbird explore team and the Gorgotha PvP team I just put together last week and was really enjoying are now much less fun to play. They get stuck way more often. They got stuck plenty often before! Once I passed level 200, weekly PvP tier grinding became a painfully slow chore—I’m fighting teams built by players who have been playing for years, so I’ve got to cheese them to have even a chance of winning!—and that Gorgotha team made it fun again. Not anymore.

You’ve made the game considerably less fun for new/midgame players–or at least for this one. I don’t even have a TDS, but I was really looking forward to getting one because I love explode teams. The endgame players already have maxed their kingdoms and farmed a lot of traitstones and gotten Dawnbringer, so the slowdown of explode teams doesn’t hurt their progression as much, but I’ve still got a heck of a lot of gold farming to do just to max kingdoms. Dawnbringer isn’t even on the horizon for me yet. If I’d known about the nerf, I would have been dreading 4.0, not looking forward to it.

Explode teams make for quicker matches. Quicker matches are a problem how? You devs are the ones who decided we needed to farm one point freaking three MILLION souls for Dawnbringer. You’re the ones who decided we needed to do over 4,000 explore fights just to max a single hero class. You made the game a huge grind, and what, you’re upset we are able to get through the grinding at a decent pace? Getting lots of mana quickly and ending fights quickly is just plain more fun than getting bogged down on a single fight.

So mythics are too powerful if they get all their mana in a turn or two? Boo hoo, you made mythics powerful because they are so very god damn rare—and plenty of them still suck uselessly. Or so I’ve heard—I still have yet to pull one.

Almost the only substantive changes I’ve seen to this game are nerfs of long established game mechanics. Why bother playing at all if every time I get a powerful card or put together a team that lets me win fast, it will get nerfed?

What’s your endgame? Magic levels are going to go higher and higher as new kingdoms and factions are added and new kingdom levels are achieved. Eventually you will have to nerf it to only 30 or 20 or 10 percent mana gain. Why even have explode if the thing everybody loves to do with it is a problem that you devs think needs fixing?

Who exactly was asking for this again?

What problem does it solve? Explode teams get to chain spells? Not that often at my magic levels. And apparently never! The enemy still gets a turn between unless you get a four in a row on the fallout anyway, which happens plenty often both for the player and the AI on normal gem drops after a standard match, so I don’t see how it’s unfair or a problem. I mean, you devs invented the Goblins and the game survived, so clearly spell chaining isn’t the worst thing in the world.

And reading over the patch notes, I guess that Glaycion I was so happy to finally pull Monday isn’t going to be so great either.

Sure, there are teams everybody hates to fight, but strangely enough, they really enjoy using them when they finally get those cards themselves.

Edit 24 hours later: It occurs to me that if this nerf is considered must-have (which I still don’t see a reason for; if the problem is Goblins, well, they’ve been in for what, a year and a half and the game goes on?) by the devs, since we are all taking a hit to our grinding speed, it seems like they should be giving us something at the same time they are taking away. It would feel much more like we weren’t just getting unnecessarily slowed down if they bumped arcane drop rates up or upped souls received as if there was a single extra 25% necromancy bonus all the time. It would be something anyway.

As it is, I’m frustrated, and I think pretty much everybody who prefers exploders to transformers/creators feels the same way. That seems to be the feeling I’m seeing on discord and in this forum–feeling about the nerf varies based on preferred playstyle. You hit one particular playstyle kind of hard here.


Happy cake day!


Thank you!:blush::rabbit:

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I didn’t realize we only got 3 delves per day all together…I thought we got 3 per faction. I am all for the 5 a day (since it is split up between various factions), but I would also be good with 3 per day per faction :money_mouth_face:

When looking at kingdom power or Class abilities, its a pain to dive down the menus to the section you want, then bounce back and do it again. Could we get next/previous buttons on the class info and kingdom info screens?

Also notice in the class screenshot above that you can’t see what troop type the hero will become until you level the class up. Maybe instead it could show that information:

“Human Troop Type: Unlocks at 20”


New game logo is nice but only 4 stars??

the Delves will be very time consuming at higher difficulties. can we please accumulate the 3 delves over the week, or perhaps be able to hold up to a max of ~15 attempts?


I bet they will say you can’t do this for dungeon so you wont be able for delve

You can accumulate tribute gold for up to 24 hours, and both Guild Wars seals & sigils of all kinds are allowed to build over the lifetime of the event. It’s not an unreasonable request, and there is precedent in the game for doing just that.


  1. 1 hero class xp per Delve match makes sense at level 20, but will feel harsh and poor at level 200
  2. is Delve Room Gold different to normal Gold? Same for the Souls? Seems daft extra words…

They are just regular gold, souls and glory. However, having them seperate does help if you want to double check that the room multiplier handled the calculation for that room’s reward correctly.


I love the art! The style is impeccable.

Delves are just right as far as challenge goes - and I believe most players will be able to select an appropriate difficulty level for their skill.

I like the blocks on the board. Thank you for being willing to mix up some of the overly rigid gameplay constraints that prevent actual variety between the playing modes

I am in the minority, but I am fine with the explosion changes. My explosions are still fulfilling enough to be worthwhile, and more importantly, I don’t feel discouraged from using troops that yield mana in other ways (like destroy)

So far, the rewards from delving seem overhyped through the imagery and language. By the time I return to Krystara, i feel like I nearly gave as much as I recieved.

For a place called underworld there sure seems to be a massive lack of SOULS.

Please, please allow some substantial way to gain souls. Even the soul gnome is pretty much a joke as far as what it provides

Perhaps increase the max amount of souls/gold/maps that can be gained in each battle while underworld. If underworld battles were individually more lucrative, it would give more meaning to its namesake… After all, were limited to 3~ delves a day.

Good job taking care of ingots! Now souls have become a bottleneck. Sure diamond are hard to obtain, but they are far more of a luxury. Meanwhile its becoming difficult to get enough souls to level up the troops we obtain.

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Just why oh why is this a troop? I could in theory ascend, level it… and increase my kingdom power for the Vault, which isn’t a kingdom anywhere and doesn’t give any bonuses… these things existing as troops is just confusing, and might lead to a pointless decision whether to spend these treasures to upgrade the hoard or whether to ascend a redundant troop card.


Fix doom storm. It is completely pointless now.


Copy that, please reverse the doom storm nerf.

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Exploder nerf: Please undo it.
Don’t want to seem whiny, but am definitely enjoying this game much less now, and playtime has already dropped off.


I got 5000 souls from a Soul Gnome today. How many did you want?

Is it intended that delve chests can give less rewards sometimes? It seems that you get four chances at random rewards, but if you random the “renown” reward, it actually gives you nothing.

Not sure if this is just a graphical display issue when the four little rewards pop out of the chest. For example once I got two legendary ingots, and two renown coins, for a total of 6 ingots + 30 renown.

However the 30 renown is not bonus renown, it’s the same as the inherent reward for completing an increased difficulty.

It definitely seems like there’s some variance in quantity of rewards even though I’m completing the full dungeon on +10 levels every time so far.

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