Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback

None since I already have over 7000000, would prefer to receive more gems or diamonds

Thank you everyone for taking the time to leave us feedback and suggestions regarding the 4.0 Update. Keep it coming!

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I don’t understand why portals and shards when you could have add a new “Faction Chest” and “Faction keys”…


I suspect it’s because they don’t work like Chests - you can open portals in each faction for just that faction’s troops, so having a separate currency (that new players won’t even see for a while) helps communicate that it’s something different.


Would it at least be possible to make the cursor move a little faster? It feels sluggish, especially if I want to go from, say, Khaziel to Bright Forest. Even moving between kingdoms that are fairly close, such as Pridelands to Broken Spire, seems like it takes longer than it should.


That’s probably one reason. Also the fact that if they make chaos shards a keys, they can’t reward players with half a key (10 chaos shards) like they are doing right now. T^T

Although that the same way Guild Seals work, so it’s okay, I think. Just small in quanity, but multiple ways to get them. I just wish it’s more common…

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If it dropped 5000 everytime i guess it would be ok, 500 however is a bit pityful.

The developers upside world confuses me. Soul Gnome has increased Vault Keys? Remove Souls from Treasure Gnome entirely and give it a big buff for Vault Keys and put in some TREASURE items from the new mode. Put the Souls in the Soul Gnome so there is no confusion when you see him: “you are getting garbage”, obviously also included other items too.

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No kidding. Or how about “Underworld Keys”… That unlock Underworld troops via the Underworld Chest?

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@peffsi this is something I cam happy to pass along.

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can treasure maps get a chance to drop shards,treasures etc?or are treasure maps perm shadow banned from ever getting any of the various new resources added to them in any way? xD


Each faction has exactly the same portal with the same color.

You could need 20 keys to open 1 underworld/faction chest.

Explosion should be differenciate between minor explosion and major explosion like minor/major splash damage:

  • minor explosion: 100% mana for 1 or 2 gems exploders
  • major explosion: 50% mana for more than 2 gems exploders

I remember it was suggested back before 4.0 came out, but did ingots ever get added to VIP chests? I didn’t see anything about it in the patch notes.

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The economy in the Underworld is (mostly) seperate and distinct from that in Krystara. As such, the devs likely wanted to use different terminology to represent opening chests in the Underworld to avoid potential confusion and misunderstandings.

If the devs had called Portals “Underworld Chests”, I could almost guarantee that there would be angry posts on why other Krystaran keys couldn’t be used to open an Underworld “chest”, when players are accustomed to opening all chests with keys of various types.


To the best of my knowledge, I believe the devs stated on a stream that they were not moving forward with adding ignots to VIP Chests. With the ability to acquire Legendary and Mythic ingots from Delves in 4.0, there’s really not much of a reason for them to do that anymore.


Ah, thanks @Lyrian! That was the one stream I had missed before that you actually had summarized (hence why I didn’t go back to rewatch it). Thanks again for the info! :grinning:

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Exactly this! We decided not to add ingots to VIP chests due to them becoming more widely available in the Underworld. :slight_smile:


But Sirrian said that they could add ingots in Guild Chests (the level equivalent to Gem Chests)… No news since…

Please quote me a player who said that they cannot open a Gem Chest with Glory keys… We already have 5 kinds of keys and there is no issue with that. But you’re telling if another kind of keys is added players are going to be confused?