Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


Please quote me a player who said that they cannot open a Gem Chest with Glory keys… We already have 5 kinds of keys and there is no issue with that. But you’re telling if another kind of keys is added players are going to be confused?


As an avid Arena fan, I’m disappointed you removed the blue/brown mana bonus in Arena battles. No mention of it in the release notes, either.

If the argument is that Arena is not really tied to Broken Spire anymore, fine, then please let us pick the banner we want, like we can do in all other game modes.


Can someone clarify this for me?

I read/heard somewhere that renown only updates on an improved best run. If that’s the case, what happens if I do Delve 500, then come back to do Delve 500 with the Faction’s team. Would it still update to show I did it with the Faction team or would I be out of luck there?

Read the helpdesk article but my reading comprehension isn’t good enough to determine what actually happens.


From my experience, renowned only update for best run for each of the challange, so you should be okay reaching Delve level 500 as fast as possible with your best team, then try those 2 challenge later for maximum renown.


Can you make scrolls stackable? Maybe make it so we can hold a weeks worth or 5 days? I’d prefer to play every few days but are being forced to do it daily…


The more fraction become available, the more you can skip playing everyday without wasting scroll. The best you could do now is 1 and 5 switching each day. In “1 Delve” day, you have to completely finish 1 delve, then clicking play on each fraction each, then go out for those fractions to save your scrolls. Then you play all 5 Delve next day.

In theory, once we have 18 fractions available, you can give 1 scroll to each fraction everyday (3×6), then play all 21 delves session on Sunday and do this next week all over again.


Not sure, if I just didn’t find it or if it really doesn’t exist.

  • It would be cool, if you could add the required colors for the delve in the main menu of a fraction. At the moment I only found them when hitting “battle” - but then my energy is already subtracted.


I see you like to use extreme examples.

For a troop that I might, might encounter once a week, its absolute maximum reward for finding it and winning should probably yield enough souls to support the obtaining a dawnbringer in less than 5 years.


Written exactly like a Mobile/PC player.

Downvoting for not considering all platforms and real life events that remove the player from the house preventing this.


I think you might be generalizing about my one example, which might be fair given that I only provided that one.

Whatever the case, I am genuinely curious - how many do you think would be appropriate for the Soul Gnome to give?


I should be able to use a number picker such as what exists for troop leveling to choose how many Chaos Portals I want to open.

How many times are we going to implement a chest interface and act surprised players don’t want to be limited to arbitrary numbers?


5k minimum, up to 15k.

Enough to level a few troops to level 20, and create a couple traitstones for them.

I feel thats fair. There are about 600 troops that need to be leveled, costing 4k-7k each, and the soulforge asking for over a million souls for its creations


I think that sounds like a reasonable amount, maybe less at the top, but 500 should definitely not be in the mix.


A small thing: In a delve, we can click on each room and see which enemies are there. But we cannot click on each enemy to see their cards. Would be nice to be able to do this, instead of having to go to “Troops” to find more about each enemy. Even seeing a level 0 version of a card would be fine.


Yup. There have been slowdowns trickling into the game since 4x speed was added. This one was just done with a sledgehammer instead of subtlety.

It makes sense if slowing down gameplay is intentional.

And endgame players. My three most often-used PVP invade teams have been thoroughly neutered. I haven’t even bothered asking what the new speed team is because I’m not sure there is a team that can match prenerf Divines…or even postnerf-but-pre-explosion-nerf Divines.

Something about “the economy” and “players farming gold too fast” or whatever the silly reasoning was when 4x speed was introduced and tasks/LTs were gutted as a result.

The publisher, most likely. I can’t imagine the devs, with all their passion for the game, would pull off something like this by themselves.

I’d love to see some sort of buff to tasks/LTs to make up for the speed nerf…since the original reason for the task nerf was the speed with which players were farming, supposedly. But that would be something done purely for the players, so of course it won’t happen because “the economy” or whatever.

Normally by this point in the week I’ve completed my guild requirements, hit tier 1 in PVP, finished any weekly events, etc. This week? I’ve played less than 10 matches and haven’t even bothered with the new stuff yet. I’m disgusted by the heavy-handed nerfing, and I’m saddened by the fact that given the track record of changes in GoW, it doesn’t matter how upset the community gets. We’re stuck with the changes.

Enjoy the new, slower speed. Enjoy having to play significantly more for the same rewards.

I never thought I’d feel this degree of disappointment with the game.

TL;DR - Revert the exploder and doomstorm nerfs, or do the right thing and increase rewards for players in line with the degree of speed nerf.


I’m not disagreeing that Portals couldn’t simply be called “chests” and Chaos Shards “keys” because it that’s what Portals and Chaos Shards are.

My personal take on the matter is that the devs went to considerable lengths to separate the economies of the two game maps, and to emphasize that, different names were given to the keys/chest functions. I believe that the farther the game moves away from 4.0 update launch and well into the future, the greater the emphasis will be placed on these seperate economies. But, for now, my educated guesses on will likely come down the road will remain in tin-foil hat territory for a good while still.


Scrolling sideways when levelling weapons is broken on my Galaxy Tab S2. There’s a loading delay of around. 10 seconds when it won’t scroll at all. When it finally starts scrolling, it’s still super slow.


Just confirming what @TimeKnight said, you can repeat a delve at the same level you already have and achieve either “No Deaths” and/or “Faction Team” and still get the updated Renown.


Too many posts to read. If it hasn’t already been said, the loading screens showing the scenes from each kingdom with their names is awesome! Thanks for this!


I know it’s been said, but in case you didn’t get the message: Nerf Exploders & Nerf Fun!

I saw somewhere that his nerf was aiming at Goblin troops. I ran into one today. Since I couldn’t get my mana to accumulate correctly the explosion nerf actually BUFFS goblin troops.