Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


So why giving us Gold, Soul and Glory which are the main ressources in the Overworld?


I’ve probably got some more stuff to say, but lets keep this one simple and short, because of what I just saw with how single-explisions work:

Increase mana gained from explosions from 50% to 51%. (you don’t even have to update the tooltip, you can just change the back end)

It should not be possible to explode a single gem and gain zero mana from it, but that is the current state with exploders at 50% - mana gained from exploding a single gem of a color is rounded down. Kinda kills all low-yield explosions. Mass exploders can rely on cascades, but I’m not sure why these were swept up in the nerf.


'Cause knee jerk nerfs don’t care for the small guys!


Because troops weekly events in the Overworld won’t completely dry up. There will be still be Godslayers, Siegebreakers, Bounty troops, and so on released to fill out kingdom stars. Those need souls to level and glory for glory packs in the shop for those who aren’t at late or end-game.

That said, I consider the Underworld to be more like a new expansion in an MMO. The farther in time since a new expansion launches, the greater the content that will be developed for the new expansion than the old one. For end-gamers, unless a surprise happens, most relevant content looking forward is going to be Underworld based in 6+ months.

For example, what will happen when new Mythic releases start occurring in Factions because all the Overworld kingdoms contain Mythics, where gem, guild, and VIP keys don’t work? That’s an interesting question to ponder. On the 4.0 dev Q&A stream, Sirrian mentioned the need to do something about that in the future. But, it will be likely two quarterly updates down the road before the need to address that issue occurs.


This concept scares me. Shifting focus to the Underworld where regular keys don’t work could be one devious method of neutering high end players’ resource stashes simply by making them irrelevant.


In a game world where player in higher-end guilds are able to accrue so many keys through LTs and guild seals through Orbs of Clans to practically guarantee every month’s Legendary and Mythic troops, it would be almost ludicrous to think the devs weren’t working on a way to address the issue. Free Mythics for end-gamers, when they are the coveted chase units of the game, are just not a sustainable business model.

And if the devs aren’t going to nerf acquisition rates of Krystaran resources anymore, then the only realistic way to address this issue is to restart the economy from scratch. And in my personal opinion, that’s exactly what’s happening with the Underworld and it’s Delve Scroll and Chaos Shard economy.


Pay to scrap everything you’ve ever done? … :open_mouth: For this event, you can purchase every tier including the highest in every cash shop. As a bonus to whatever you get from the loot boxes, I mean cash shop, we will scrap everything you’ve ever done and call it a new feature. Since we’ve sent our game there already, we will call this feature “The Underworld”…



The only reason to reset the economy would be with the hopes of players purchasing currency to continue being able to collect each new troop. Maybe some would fall for it but I find it hard to believe that the average player would jump at the idea to pay for something they used to be able to earn through play. I’ve spent money on the game (VIP 6) and I’ve put in the effort to both build up my card collection and be disciplined in my resource use in order to be able to have a high degree of success in continuing to obtain new troops as they are released. That’s the draw of the game for me now…collecting “all the things” (except Zuul’RNGorP2WGoth). If they knock me down and say tough cookies, start over…I’m not sure I’ll stay around.


Ruh roh. Players are catching on. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


You didn’t talk about gold. Are you going to tell me that we need it to unlock the factions?

There is more than enough ressources in Overworld to do that…

We don’t know about that. For the moment there are 4 troops by faction and no one said that there will be a 5th one (whatever quality) and/or a Mythic.


I believe they can’t do this in a sense that this game already have too many things to collect, so reducing resource acquisition could certainly kill any chance new players have to progress in a sensible manner.


Agreed. It’s really more of a bonus for lower level players to participate and get something out of delves that can grant them advancement in some way.

It’s too far out in the fog of war to say in any real way.

I re-watched the relevant parts of the stream, and the stance given was more of “it could happen in the future, but not at launch”.

But, given that the known kingdom power requirements up to level 20 do not call for the player to own a second kingdom mythic (yet require multiple weapons, pets, etc.), the tea leaves suggest that the intent at the moment is not to place multiple mythics into a kingdom once every kingdom has one. The design space is clearly already there for a mythic troop to be placed in each Faction, once the Overworld fills up, should the devs decide to head in that direction. It’s just too far out in the distance to lock onto concretely at the moment on how the devs will choose to handle the situation when that time comes.


@RiverSong I am sorry but we can’t speed up the rate at which new updates arrive on iOS. This is handled by Apple. For some reason it’s just a bit slower :thinking:

@Khelios This likely won’t get removed (the download all assets) as when new content releases this can be a helpful way to ensure they are all downloaded. Otherwise, sometimes your game might not completely DL everything and you’ll have something missing or see an error message.

@Jainus Stone Blocks can only be removed

If we want to continue updating the game, the dynamics of the core activities are going to change.

Answered in here
Battles and Rewards
Standard Battle Rewards such as Gold and Souls are given for completing Battles in Quests and Delves. The Rewards will separate in the Rewards list after a battle is completed however they are added to the same resource: For example, Gold and Delve Gold and the same.

The Underworld functions differently to Krystara. I can see where that expectation makes sense but it’s not designed to be the same. Soul Gnome drop rates differ, like the other Gnomes. :slight_smile:

@Jainus RE treasure/Troops

@athos Depending on the level of Delve Chest you open, you can obtain less Rewards. Higher level Delve Chests have a higher chance at giving a larger Reward. Like chests in Krystara it is still based on chance though.

@turintuor As Actreal said. They don’t function like things from Krystara. Naming conventions which are similar will cause confusion.

@en9nhcet Sorry, underworld resources are restricted to the Underworld :frowning:


I just remind that a troop which belongs to a Faction belongs also to the matching kingdom. So if we get Mythics for Faction, they will count for the matching kingdom and so devs could have added a “two mythics” requirement. If there is no requirement like that, it could be: devs didn’t think that far, no wish to put another hard blocker in power level progress, etc.

Sadly, there are still 6 months (i.e. 6 mythics missing, I don’t count the one that we get today) before we know what they are going to do…

But if it’s going like you said (i.e. a new mythic for a Faction each month), it’s time to save shards…

Not sure, what’s more confusing…
So if each time you release a new plan, you will need to find a new “naming”. What next? Chest will be pinata and keys will be sticks? :slight_smile:


@cyrup sorry that doesn’t quite answer my question: I meant how can blocks be removed?

Remove and Destroy are different keywords with different spell effects (Destroy gives the effect of the gems, Remove doesn’t). Can both spell effects delete the stone blocks?


Eep! I was going to add something else there and follow up but I forgot, hence a half sentence. I will get back to you,.


It would be helpful, on this menu screen, if treasures I don’t currently possess are ‘faded’ / ‘greyed out’ / monochrome like unowned troops.

I find this hard to see on mobile device, knowing what treasures I do and don’t have to spend.


Here’s a suggestion: allow a single Delve token to take you back arbitrarily far. So if your current Delve level is 100, you can spend a Delve token to go 20-90 (back), to repeat level 100, or to go ahead with 110.


@Jainus updated the bottom of this article to clarify Spells that can take Blocks off the board.


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