Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


Is the new map actually rendered in 3D? If so, could we get a isometric view so you can see the whole thing? Or a custom one where you can set it how you want?


…okay good. You did see it. Sorry for the extra post.

For a unique suggestion I would like the option to switch my prize or have a focused prize in the delves. So many people are in different places in their GoW campaign that they’re looking for different things. Let us choose between ingots, diamonds, stones, and souls.

For me, I play a lot of PvP so I find it easy to farm ingots. Diamonds are another story. There is only 1 way to acquire them through play and the quantity is extremely limited.


Maybe a workaround could be something that lets you instantly shift to one corner of the map. For example a compass symbol with 4 quadrants, if you click on the upper left of the compass, your map is moved to the northwest corner.

Or in Troops - Filters, make the word “Kingdom” a button which takes you to the kingdom screen. The screen with quests, explore, etc.


Collecting tribute without going to the home town is very good.
Having instant notification about new mail messages is also good.
Accelerated scrolling of troops is nice.
New hero screen location needs getting used to but is otherwise fine.
Delves seem to be okay so far.

The new world map look…well, even my wife, who doesn’t play the game herself and sometimes only collects my tributes for me, said - your game looks so bad! What did just happen?
Maybe it would be easier to fathom these kinds of obvious downgrades if we were given at least some reasoning behind it. Like, because of practical reason 1 and practical reason 2 and practical reason 3 we have chosen to discontinue the previous world map look and replace it with 3-D rendered image from 20 years old past.

EDIT. There is one thing that could definitely improved in Delves. The number of delve sigils should only decrease when player actually starts a delve run.
Yesterday I was toying with team selection when some other things came up so I closed the game. When I later resumed, game showed that I had two delve attempts remaining instead of three. It got me quite startled until I saw that there were still two attempts remaining after I had finished my first run.


If the sigil were only started when entering the first battle, then we could look at the team we last used. With only 2 factions, this isn’t a big deal. But with 5, I would have to keep a list if we couldn’t check without using a sigil.

Maybe it’s a problem though to let us see the enemy teams without committing the sigil?


I have two question, maybe already answered but there’s a lot of message here.

  1. if I trait or ascend a treasure troop, then proceed to use them for hoard quality, when I get them again will they be with no trait and base rarity?

  2. If I put in the hoard quality 4 mythic treasure do I got 200% quality upgrade chance and go over 2 levels or just one by one?

  1. You keep the traits/rarity.

  2. Only one (the indicator gets stuck at 100%).


Finished 3 Delves today. All but boss rooms finished
Lost 110 boss level, chest 5
Won 110 boss level, chest 4 (didn’t lose a troop)
Lost 120 boss level, chest 4

I opened 12 portals in total. My highest reward was of troops/treasure rarity.
Nevermind the Ascension. This is how many I’ve had by using 6 days of Delves including getting 5 today.
Haven’t used any of this type of treasure.

I know it’s just “RFG” and I’m having bad luck compared to that on day 1 when I was able to get 3 different troops from Halls. Day 1 though took 10 minutes. This took at least a half hour.
I don’t know what the solution is. But time investment should result in better than crap rewards.


Now that we have the Delves. I see why Ishbaala lost her cleanse ability.
:eggplant: move imo.


Yep, a low blow since I’ve had many times were, if Ishbaala had her cleanse, there would be no issues with silence from the Silent Sentient.


@Cyrup @Salty The Pet Rescue still has a bug.
If you retreat after starting a battle, you get the Error message that the battle is finish and forces you to restart the game, Before 4.0, retreat from a Pet Rescue would just take you back to the battle list screen of 8.


Please allow us to center the kingdoms on the map again, the kingdoms at the edges can be easily obscured


For Delves : Will there ever be extra special encounter rooms considered? Either:

Beneficial rooms like: Perhaps during a vault event, one of the rooms you randomly come across could be akin to the vault (ie: Cedric and his posse of gnomes), or, just during regular delves, you could come across “Treasure Room”, and it could contain a higher chance of a chest upgrade or treasure multiplier, or, something similar to this?


Detrimental rooms such as : “Trapped Room” : all allies start off poisoned or “Cursed Room” : all allies lose x points from x stat.

Loving delves! Just wish there was a bit more variety.


In general, I’m fine with having the treasures be troops that are collectible. However, I have a small concern about the “disenchant all” button. If I have 5 sacred treasures and I disenchant all troops, will I accidentally trade one in for souls?

I doubt it’s happened yet, but I can imagine the support tickets about it during a faction event could be troublesome.


I imagine that to be the case if you were able to get 5 Sacred Treasures without using them. 1 would be disenchanted.


Can someone explain to me why Queen Aurora can’t even give herself barrier when Lady Anariel can heal herself over and over and over?

This update has really done a good job in making me realize how much I dislike Queen Aurora. Like it should be good, but it just isn’t because its constantly a liability on the team.

Even Dwarven Gate gives itself armor while giving every one else a barrier and 5 mana, and that’s a bloody common troop.



There are random days when you can’t do any battle (or playing in general). In Raid Boss and Invasion I spent most of my sigils (if not all) usually at weekends. I would really like to see something similar in case of Delves.


I’m a bit disappointed that I have “made a mistake and can’t undo it”, this being that I’ve gone “too far” in the delve and can’t ever manage to do it with my faction troops for those points. Disappointed that I did it and disappointed that the design enables it in the first place.


It’s not permanent, if you want to spend enough treasures/gold on your Hoard so that the skill bonuses let you use an all-faction team. The rest of your point stands.


My suggestion so far is that delve is a non-trivial time sink if you are doing every room in a delve. Especially if you area mobile player, you might not do it all in one go. Kind of like arena. However it seems that, unlike arena, if I pause and come back, the game seems to treat it as if I ran away if anything causes it to unload from memory and have to restart.

This wasn’t middle of a fight, which I can understand being weird, it was in between rooms while on the map.

Not having your sigils go poof daily would be nice too. It’s the way everything else with sigils works. Or call them something else for consistency.