Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


So i am at 150 delve today, and it is a tiresome borefest. Combined bonuses of level and rooms makes the enemies unbearably tanky. The introduction of spell damage reduction traits(i blame @Jainus for that) doesn’t help the situation either as doesn’t apparently every troop being skull resistant.

So my suggestion is to drastically increase the offensive stat bonuses from Hoard level. Defensive stats are nice and all but the tiny increase of attack and magic will litterally not even be felt as it is so drastically outpaced by defensive stat gains of enemies(and their reduction traits). Offensive stat numbers must go up significantly to make the leveling of the Hoard somewhat meaningfull for the progress.


The only two game mechanics that handle this are devour and instant kill unless the opponent uses same mechanics or immunity


Bulette has a devour… bad for exploders and especially bad if the devour succeeds.


Magic damage reduction traits were long overdue really. It’s just a shame that the devs waited 2.5 years to add them, and then added them stacked all on a small number of troops that all show up in the same small number of battles…


No worries, i used the word “blame” half in jest, could have used the word “credit” aswell.
I don’t think it is a good line of traits, but i also don’t mind it and understand players for wanting traits like that in the game.


This may be a bug for you. I’m on ios phone, started Hall of Guardians delve last night and did the first room (so I’d get the three delves at reset), just got in and checked and I’m still in the delve waiting on the second fight (the middle room).

What level is your Hoard? A guildmate didn’t go into specifics, but he said his Level 60 Hoard is making his 160 delve “easy”, compared to when he had level 30 Hoard.


66 currently for a whooping +5 magic, Hall of Guardians is trembling in fear from these super magic-enhanced spells i am slinging.

Just to be clear i have no problem winning the delves, i am also aware of ways to cheese the fights, that is not my point. Without cheesing it, the fights get slower and slower to really annoying lengths and the mode has a progression system, so cheesing it should not be necessary.


Ah. Well, I’m certainly not there yet so have no idea what their stats are (and my Hoard level is nowhere as high), but it just seems to me that so far, you just take in the “best troops”, just like Raid or Invasion. Whether that qualifies as “cheese” as well, I don’t know. :slight_smile:


@back This is a nice idea, but it wouldn’t work for console players. Having to move to the compass then determine a location on the map using a controller would probably be more time consuming than just moving around the map.

@mozza However you will lose the copy of the cards if you sacrifice all of them (when obtaining the card again the Trait/Rarity is still there)

@Presto team are looking into it

I don’t understand? Are you referring to dying in A delve?

@everyone -

I’ve added links to posts where possible in the list, thank you for not reposting the same suggestions. You can select the link and it will take you to the suggestion, where the post can be liked if you support the idea. Does this work? I also considered adding a poll but it seems to take up a lot of space in the main post.


Instead of upgrading the rarity of a treasure troop, exchange 5 lower to 1 next level troop.

5 Coin Purse (white) to 1 Gold Ring (green)
5 Gold Ring to 1 Priest’s Chalice (blue)
5 blue to 1 purple (crown)
5 purple to 1 orange (lamp)
5 orange to 1 turquoise elephant

a new option for the Soulforge :slightly_smiling_face:


Show the results/leaderboard of the last event after the event has ended.


Nope. Okay, so:

Doing the delve with the faction team gives renown.

You cannot go back to lower levels.

Doing the delve without the faction team can push the level so high that you have no chance of doing it with the faction team later.

I did that. Can’t go back. Missing renown now.


But during faction event you go back to lower levels, so fight with a faction team should catch up on the renown points.


Very good point, though one might have to wait a long time until a faction event for a specific faction they “overleveled” happens. For example an All-seeing Eye event is probably not gonna happen again soon.


I think the next one is scheduled for the 25th, actually. We only have two factions, so we rotate through them quickly!

This makes the strategy for new factions moving forward interesting. Do you rely on a faction team during the release (weekend) event so that you maximize Renown, or do you wait until the first weekly event before tackling it with a faction team?


New factions’ events had better be more than one day, because one was just not enough for this.

In future I will only be spending as much as getting the weapon, I think. Didn’t need to go any further in order to get the highest “reward” and the extra fights I had got somewhat wasted as I just went straight for the boss room due to time pressure.


Yeah, i need more sleep, with two factions it’s obviously not gonna take long…


I didn’t even manage to do my dailies yesterday.


Any system that encourages players to artificially hold back their progress is a flawed system and needs to be revisited. Look at the number of players who fled before the last battle as to not progress (myself included). This is not in the spirit of the game in my view and the system should be changed so nobody would choose to hold back their delve progress.


The 2 factions that we have should have been released through a Faction Event. That’s way, we would have 3 days to discover the new Delve, buy tier 4 for the weapon and do the sigils without having to rush…

So next Friday, new Faction Event and next Tuesday, Hall of Guardians Event…