Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


Delve feedback:

  • It’s a great addition to the game. Tuesday is now my fav event day.

  • We should be able to choose what delve lvl we want to do, in the same way as in Bounty.

  • Getting 20+ sigils on event day makes it a time issue to play them all out the way it was intended.

  • We need a greater incentive to go to higher lvl instead of just farming lvl 20.

  • Finding a Valraven in the event feels very rewarding.

  • Sometimes i get better loot in a 2 lvl chest then i do in a 7 lvl one. This feels wrong.

  • Make it so the chest always give you Chaos Shards as part of the reward, even if you sometimes will only get a smal amount of them. But also make it so we sometimes can hit the jackpot and get a lot of them. Chaos Shards is by far the most rewarding thing to get in the chest.

  • In the event shop, give us a random faction troop and not only the epic one.

  • In faction info, put what kingdom that faction is a part of.

  • People love getting on leaderboards, add one for ea faction so we can see who got to the hightest delve lvl.

For me it would be ideal in the delve event to first try to get as high as i could and then go back to farming a lower lvl with the rest of my sigils.

As for normal days with only 3 delves, sometime i got the time to do all high lvl delves, but sometimes i only got time for some quick low lvl ones. Right now that makes it so i got one faction at high lvl and one still at lvl 20 so i will be able to play the way i want.

I feel like i got to cheat the system to be able to maximise my fun in the game. All of this could easily be solved by having the same lvl system as Bounty.


It really can’t be said enough that we need to be able to select more levels of delves - specifically lower ones.

A lot of people have been suggesting to just leave a faction very low in order to capitalize on the easiness. If the faction events enforce leveling up, we can’t even do that without basically ignoring content.

Currently, we have these options:
Keep it very easy, or
Challenge oneself and go further, or
Calculate some “appropriate” middle ground.

The problem is that we can really only do one of those per faction. And the faction event essentially forces our hand for that faction. Case in point, I currently have no easy delves to hit.


Hit a wall already? That really says something, considering that you probably have all possible kingdoms bonus and troops except Zull and maybe some silly gnomes.


Return to the old “Feature window” under the Games section showing active Events. Two days ago Treasure Hunt was Featured. Yesterday with the Faction Event Treasure Hunt was Featured. Today with DragonKitty Pet Rescue active Treasure Hunt is featured.

Players have been calling for Treasure Hunt to get some attention, but this is not the correct path. TH should never be featured.

On the same topic games menu: SUPER minor but would clean up the menu. All the Redundant words describing the name of the event directly under the name of the event are unnecessary forcing word wrap to other lines. For example

Class Event
Class Event starts in 17 h 03m

Today’s Dungeon Complete

Faction Event
Faction Event starts in 1d 17h

Starts, Ends, Complete, etc is all you need


+1 to this.

The more I think about the Delve difficulty and reward system, the less I understand it. Seems daft and needs a rework.


I can still progress, I’m very unsure that I should be trying to though. Matches take longer and longer, my chances of actually winning are dropping, etc.


Seriously though, you devs played or still play D3 - Greater Rifts. Same principle. Sort of. You play, you advance, you keep going. Sometimes you want to go back a few dozen levels with another class, Blizzard lets you. We should be able to have the flexibility here. Drop-down box or arrows something, not like you haven’t given us a million of those already.


Related request: make the maximum zoom level device dependent. On my iPhone, I could theoretically zoom out much farther before the edge of the map and the long edge of my screen were the same size. This would mean no black edges, but still a larger zoom.


I’m not sure if it was already suggested but i wish we could have a small notification when our tributes are ready to be collected just like we have the notification about a new Mail from Legendary tasks and such.


Guidie just suggested that delves be worth guild seals towards the 1500/week.

This should apply to delves for sure, but also the other new modes maybe?

At any rate, delves should be worth 5-10 for finishing the thing. Probably.


I feel the delves just take too much of the time.

If you can extend the events past 1 day, that also would make less time consuming.

Before delves, I could take a brief break, since its been way more time consuming leaving alot of my guildmate to quit game & they are long time supporters of your game.


Yes! Please consider adding accumulation of the delves during the week for those of us who can’t play every day for hours due to necessary adulting responsibilities. I’d like to see them accumulate during the week and then reset back to the 3 with the weekly reset. That would prevent people from hoarding tons of delves but give people who can’t play daily and need to wait until their day off to play the opportunity to have the same number of delves weekly.


Please let us permanently reduce our delve level by choosing the lower option. It’s too easy to screw oneself over by raising the level too far.


I’m also going to throw my support behind the need for a rework on how delve loot works versus level progress in a delve. And I’m the one who did the multiple write ups on how much easier it made your life if you kept a delve low level.

I’ve started and archived several multiple paragraph long rants with respect to how this is designed, but here I am again, seeing if I can organize this well enough that it feels worth posting.

Human brain has a bias for novelty (new experiences > “progress” for more “difficult” delves and the necessity to tweak your team and strategy) but also appreciates efficiency (figuring out how to best use time or a resource, which in and of itself is generally a novelty for any given system). The “grinding” state that most people hate is a state that is reached when optimizing a system as far as it can go (and thus, no more novelty even with respect to finding new optimizations) and you are playing for the promise of future novelty. For delve levels, you want to progress first to seek out novelty and you expect it to be efficient or rewarding in the some way but you know you are instead permanently reducing efficiency, however small, and this creates cognitive dissonance in many people.

In short, the player is actively penalized (however small) for doing the thing that makes the mode engaging to play, which is bad.

The bottom line is that efficiency for a given bottleneck to progress a system should increase with mastery and progress in a given system, never decrease. The steady increase in efficiency is counteracted by widening goalposts. The bottleneck for underworld progress is Chaos Shards, so a widening goalpost is something that you’d have to dump more and more shards into to reach the next level of progress. Turns out, they already have widening goalposts in terms of hoard xp which is only attained from treasures which is only attained from shards, thus you need more and more shards per hoard level, and you eventually hit a “soft cap” where progress is essentially required to allow you to reach the next goalpost in a reasonable amount of time. Another widening goalposts is the increasing amounts of a given troop you need to ascend each one without having to use orbs, as more and more shards are “wasted” just for this.

An enticing system would have efficiency (bottleneck rewards per unit time and per entry currency) be charted as a general increase for taking the route that offers the most novelty and is thus most overall engaging route. And if not a general increase, at the very least a flat line with respect to time or entry currency.

To compound this, shards are also the bottleneck for this entire system, and they come in at depressingly random intervals. The steps that happen after you get the shards also have a bunch of random steps (random if you get treasure, random if you get the quality upgrade for lower treasure amounts. And, as pointed out, you need more and more treasure to reach higher hoard levels, and it is highly unlikely you’ll ever “finish” any of these - the widening goalpost keeps this resource in check (you need 99 times as many treasures to reach level 1000 as level 100, and you need a lot of treasure levels to make some faction team runs even possible without absurd luck and throwing away a bunch of runs on failed attempts). The one time renown shard rewards are simply too small for this to be an effective way to progress anything with these widening goalposts in place. We could have some guaranteed shards somewhere in our daily rotation in addition to what we are already getting randomly and still not come close to being able to match the rate at which it takes to max out delve content as it enters the game.

I’d fix this by enacting the following:

  • No penalty for choosing a lower level delve, not even the 0.5 modifier reduction. You should just flat out not be punished on your acquisition rate of the bottleneck resource for progressing.
  • Any delve level can be chosen up to current highest +10 and only highest level +10 gives the 2.0 modifier ever
  • thus no permanent “mistakes” can be made when leveling your delve
  • 1 base shard, guaranteed, in the chest drop for every 10 levels of delve past the base (eg., level 100 delve, 2.5 modifier = 20 shards guaranteed in boss chest on top of other loot)

Player incentives:

  • The player would still have a reason to completely clear every delve to the best of their ability (more of them, in fact)
  • The player isn’t ever penalized in terms of overall efficiency for making progress
  • The only reason a player would ever go back and farm a lower level delve than your current highest level is if they weren’t confident they could completely clear the level to maximize their modifier or to do renown runs with the faction team.
  • A player still want to be able to consistently and completely clear higher and higher levels, because they always offer more rewards. This offers way more opportunities for engaging gameplay, as they get to constantly optimize to push your efficiency up for the current level or the next one, thus staving off “grinding” for much much longer.
  • Best shards per run becomes doing repeat runs in a delve that at least isn’t completely trivial, or where routing actually matters. This is good because this is likely way the mode was “intended” to be for maximum engagement.
  • Very little reason to farm a completely trivial delve (only if shards were so abundant as to be essentially worthless before ingots, which is not going to happen)
  • There would be no reason to "keep a delve low level"

I’d also go with others suggestions and let delve scrolls stack for a few days, while still just getting 3 a day. The whole “start a delve now to bank a scroll” thing is an exceedingly silly workaround that shouldn’t have needed to exist. Three days worth of scrolls is honestly probably enough. If I’m banking more than three days worth of scrolls, I’d likely have trouble finishing them, period, or get burnt out doing huge amount of consecutive battles required to clear them all when the issue gets pressed.


Yup. What @mithran said…


Regarding the Faction event, I saw two problems:

  • The level auto-increase made for artificial play (deliberately failing the last room) and easy messing up of the faction (getting to a point where all-faction or no-death completion became impossible).
  • The weapon was at too high a tier in the shop. As a mid-game player, I was already spending all my Gems each week; now I don’t have enough for yet another Event. Given how few chances we have to get weapons…

Specifically, then, I ask that you give us the option whether to raise the Delve level or not in a Faction Event. And that you drop the weapon to the same shop tier as it is in Invasion and other Events (III, I think).

Thank you.


I should say, I do enjoy the Delves! Reminds me of the Pathfinder Card Game (and other, quicker games).

@Cyrup: You said the map zoom-out can’t be changed because of map edges. Surely that’s more an issue with your map-centering algorithm? I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t relax some of the restrictions as to how far from the centre a selected kingdom can be, then allow the map to be zoomed out even as far as exactly matching the detected width of the screen. Just my 2c.


I would like this for the Weekly events as well. For example, this week is PVP. While in the PvP screen(s), I keep killing troops, but can’t see how far I’m getting on the Event. I have to back out and look all the time to see if I can collect the next reward. Same problem with Treasure Map event weeks and “Kill Troops in Explore” events.


Basically this, yep. Supposed to play it out, keep going, challenge oneself. Oops, can’t play it anymore because its too hard. Dial it back some. Oh we can only go back slightly, oops again.


Can the “Chest Upgrade” be increased? There are 10% or 15% by room which almost never gives the upgrade…
I’m tired to do all the rooms for having one upgrade…