Update 4.1 suggestions and feedback thread

hi, since the devs won’t create this thread anymore, let’s do it by ourself :slight_smile:

i will start with a suggestion, please add a way to turn off Luther help and the flash offer

i like

  • reorder team
  • save filter
  • new way to earn random stuff with battlecrusher event

will need to wait 3 weeks to give feedback about the tower of doom


Please roll back to pre-UI graphics “enhancement” and when only guild wars existed. Thanks!


After 1 hour of pvp, no crazy lag when i go in troop menu or quit pvp

Also no prob with the chat yet

Very good job so far devs!!!

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Talked too soon, after 2 hour the lag is back when i quit pvp menu :frowning:

The chat still good tough

Another QOL suggestion


Can you put the events in order?

Example we now doing GW so i would like to see it first

  • Guild war
  • invasion in 4 days
  • tower of doom in 11 days
  • Raid boss in 18 days

When guild war is done in this order

  • invasion
  • tower of doom
  • raid boss
  • GW

To provide some context, the update specific suggestions/feedback thread was removed for various reasons.

If you have any specific suggestions that you really want us to notice please put them in the features/suggestions category as this is where we are mostly looking for feedback! :slight_smile:

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Why did Spooky Imp get buffed but not the others? Would be nice to see the other imps get a similar buff to their third traits.

Big problem with troop inventory in the french version since update 4.1:
Now all troops (12 in total) that begin with a letter with an accent like À, É or Ç are now in bottom of troop inventory after Z.
For exemple The soul dragon is in french Âme draconique and should be in letter A group but he is now after the Z group!

Im on Xbox


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Thanks for the improvement in Bounty on consoles. Its nice to see the last lvl battle selected again after the battle is done. No need anymore to go all the way from Bounty lvl 1 to lvl 20 after each battle. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


After the very nice improvement in Bounty I detailed in prior post, would you please consider these 2 things on consoles:

  1. Hero inventory have now around 100 different things in 9 categories. To be able to go directly to the last item from the 1st one by just pressing “up” was a very good improvment but still its long to even reach the middle. So as LT and RT buttons are not used, it would be nice if RT button would bring us directly to next category and LT directly to previous category.

  2. On world map, again LT and RT are not used so when we are on the extreme right menu (events or mail), it would be nice to go directly to middle option (Krystara/underworld) menu by a simple LT push, and another LT push would bring us to extreme left menu (hero menu). And vice versa: from there, a RT push bring us to Krystara/Underworls menu and another one to event menu.

Devs, always keep that in mind: Consoles do not have a mouse! :wink:


Collected mail now puts oldest first.

When filtering troops by “upgradeable” it won’t show some troops even if they have no traits unlocked.

Game still freezes 100% of the time when clicking on troop list after playing for more than half hour.

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I notice it still freezes when you hit the “Edit Teams” button (this is the “X” Button, on Xbox One) when you are on the “To Battle!” screen, as well.

I hope that makes sense.

Yeah any time you try to bring up your troop list.

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@Cyrup Please give trophies for playing faction (delves), Invasion, raid boss and upcoming doom events also as playing all these all daily means less time for PVP means less trophies which ultimately lead to decrease the importance of trophies

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If we could access 3 different saved teams for pet rescue would be great… Also when ascending treasure cards why not increase the cards value upon ascension? We had the cards & as ended then, their value should go up to show this… just a thought.

Thanks for all you guys do.

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