Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


I’m not sure if this might be a bug or just an oversight.

Could you change the visibility of the enrage status effect? As of now it is only a small, red, flashing ring around the attack stat. Why not display the daggers in red when enraged? Similar to poison when the heart symbol is in green.


What problem would this solve?

Thanks, everyone, I’ve updated the main post


Treasure Hunt should drop back from featuring in the big square at the front once there are no other minigames to play. Is your issue that it is there at all or that it’s displayed at the wrong time?


@Cyrup, I think one of us misunderstood Mithran’s lengthy post. I thought he was talking about Delves in general, not just during the faction events. Right now the player is effectively punished for advancing in the Delve, with permanently harder enemies and longer times to finish. The one-time rewards do not sufficiently outweigh the permanent drawbacks, which is what I thought Mithran was addressing.


With exploder nerf at 50%, is it normal that when I explode only 1 gem of a colour, I receive no mana gain of that colour? 1/2 = 0,5. So 0,5 is rounded off to 0 and not 1 ???


The world map (both Krystara and Underworld) should be seen as a whole when unzooming to the max.
Now maximum unzoom is still only halfway of what it should be.


Regarding my earlier post, I realised that Faction Events can help you if you mess up your Delve by advancing further than you can go with the Faction Team or with no deaths.

Because each Faction Event starts at L20, you can always play lower levels than your max Delve level, and catch up on those other two sources of Reknown.

Of course, once we have dozens of Factions, any particular Faction’s Event may take a year or more to come around. :slight_smile:

Also, Tacet’s been complaining that Epic Ingots are now the rarest in the game. That may be true directly, but they can be crafted from all those excess Common, Rare and Ultra-Rare Ingots that we’ll all soon have. So that does offset things a litte.


I saw a couple of suggestions about navigation via Console in the ‘Top Feedbacks’ section, but they were related to the map and moving between kingdoms, so I’d like to add a suggestion (#1) that someone else mentioned in a new thread they made yesterday.


  1. Shortcut button to get to Hero menu?
    Since the Hero has been moved further away to the top-left of the screen now (much further away from ‘Mail’ now) on my PS4, it possible to provide a shortcut button for us to use, like R1 or L1? I find it very tedious to move from Mail on the far right side, all the way across the other selections to get to the top left part of the screen. I check Hero stats, levels, classes, inventory, etc. far more frequently than other stuff.

  2. Can the Daily Tasks alert on the left of the screen be tuned off?
    I do not participate in those daily tasks. In the previous versions, I didn’t have to see any flashing alert (!) for the tasks because the alert never showed up. Now it does; nagging me every time I log on and I have to click the menu to turn it off. For me, it’s not as important or time-sensitive as a Mail notification. I just see it as another thing one can navigate to when players want to.

Is it possible to make the above changes in future updates?


Oh as far as feedback goes – as mentioned already – I too, really enjoy the loading screens of the kingdoms, combined with the music too.

I actually wished it went on longer before the rest of the game loaded (but I understand why it’s short – people want to play! :smiley: ).

Is there were a way to see a ‘slideshow’ of ALL the kingdom screens like that when we want to see them all? :slight_smile:

BTW, who composed the music/soundtrack? I really enjoy it! Is there a way to listen to it all at once too?


Maybe a 200 Open Button for the gold key chests. Or maybe 500…


On the topic of explosion nerfing:
the overall idea of reduced mana earning is fine by me but I do agree, however, with those you say that some little things need to be adjusted, namely, there absolutely should not be a situation when explode-destroying a single gem doesn’t yield any mana of the respective colour.

Sure, single gem exploders aren’t generally used for mana accumulation, but it doesn’t mean that their mana gathering ability should be totally annihilated. For example, today in Delves…my Gargolyle was one mana short and I used Arcane Golem to explode. One red gem was destroyed and no mana was accumulated.
Basically, there’s a choice of setting up an extra turn with explosion (while not earning the necessary mana) and hoping for some random cascades in order to be able to cast Gargolye right away or explode in a place with enough mana but not resulting in an extra turn and then hope AI won’t damage you too much before it your turn again…
( Well, third option is not to explode again, but sometimes it really is a situation of who will manage to cast the damage dealing spell first).


Yes, delves in general in what my post was about. Faction events have a different (and related) set of problems stemming from the whole delve level progression versus reward scheme, but at least the events level resets every time it runs. Faction level progression is forever.


  1. better chances to upgrade hoard quality with tons of low level treasure troops, e.g.
    5x coin purse = 25%
    5x gold ring = 50%
    5x chalice = 100% :+1:
    How do you feel when you miss a 95% upgrade chance?

  2. the option to forge the mythic treasure troop for collectors (with bad luck)

  3. the option to forge high level treasure troops to ascend them to mythic


This sentence is misleading: one can believe that it will automatically upgrade the weapon without using the ingots…
I think it’s better to say: Get enough ingots to upgrade your Faction Weapon to +6, and more loot besides!.


It’s consistent with other lines in the event shop. We often see things like “Ascend X to legendary”


Did we know if Delve troops will be going to normal chests in 3 weeks or so or in Soulforge? I could see it go either way really since shards are either troops or treasures. Think sometimes people are considering whether to just farm shards and save them for the new areas (3 day delve events).


Delve troops are only available from portals or the event shop.


Ha, Both actually. However It is working with this new Faction Event though. The CK Event is displayed correct. I just use the menu to see what is going on and what is planned.


In addition It’s also slightly misleading because using the Faction weapon doesn’t count as a Faction Troop for the Renown.


I’m getting delve chests that make absolutely no sense.

If I’m getting 30 renown for the delve no matter what, why can it roll more renown and deny me actual loot that should be in that slot instead?? I’ve just had two that rolled 2x Chaos Shards 2x Renown. Another chest in the middle, which was lower level, had the same amount of shards and renown from only half the slots (the other two were gold, which is hardly better, but my point stands).