Update 4.0 Suggestions and feedback


Hey, since the devs seem to be giving feedback in this topic (or they were earlier at least), I’d like to direct them to my suggestion of Trophies for doing Delves. People keep liking and bumping it, and it’s got lots of good discussion on the point of trophies and time spent in the game in general, but I really would like a response.


Hey, if we got trophies, I might actually play them. Lol.


My feedback is you need to cut back on the constant events. Delve would be nice if they were like 3 battles instead of 8 or 9. Then you have to do that 3 times a day. Guilds are becoming a mess because no one has any time to do pvp and get gold. Delve events become boring because you do same stuff over and over. Then you have class event and invasion or raid running right next to it. People are barely hanging on and want to drop down to a non active guild because they have no time for all this nonsense. Soon all that will be left playing game are the people that do not work and already spent their money that have the 20 hours a day required to play this game.


For what it’s worth, I mostly agree with you. I’m in a pretty active (but not Top Ten) guild and even I’m like “Umm… There’s getting to be too much going on (at once) in this game.”

And, I even have a lot of free time to play it. But, the thing is, I don’t want to. Not all the time. I want to play other games, watch tv, read, hang out with family and friends, etc. This “game as a second job” thing, really seems to be where Gems of War is headed, as has been heading towards, for awhile now.

And, yes, yes. I know all the “arguments”. You don’t “need” to play every mode and all that. Yeah, I get it. But, I don’t “need” to play this game at all, if we want to be technical. But, any player surely wants to better themselves and get as much out of a game, as possible.

I’ve already talked before about how “need” and “want” can be subjective in this game. Especially, when you are trying to do well and are in a situation/Guild that requires certain things and such. Also, I’ve talked before about how they wouldn’t put all this daily stuff in the game (especially, things that reset like Dungeons), if they didn’t want you to play every day, but I won’t go into a rant about all that again.

What I will say though is, this: I feel we have too much going on. Too many daily things, too many Gem sinks, and not enough hours in the day or resources in the game to keep up with it all, effectively.

Just my opinion, of course.


There must be an option to do regular delves at chosen level or at least green option should take you 10 levels back, like red option.
The most annoying in this situation is, that it was never obviously stated that delve level increase is permanent and misleading green option does not actually work like reverse of red one!


With 34 kingdoms, there needs to be a way to quickly see the star requirements for each kingdom and determine what requirements you satisfy. Apparently I have been able to upgrade Zhul’Kari for weeks, and I never noticed until I got bored of seeing Arachnaean Weaver show up in my “Upgradable” list.


Lyya’s site https://gowdb.com/collection/ can do that for you. Waiting for the devs to implement it is gonna take ages


Reduce the time required to do these events. I can play a lot, and have to spend most of my time doing it, instead of working on things that actually contribute to the guild. This stuff just kills guild productivity. It is getting too grindy. Can you guys please come up with a new game mechanic besides just increase the level on the enemy team…

OH YAAAASSSS!! Already!!!



That’ll be 410 gems please for the weapon. Thank you for your patronage (As if last week wasn’t gem hungry already nor this week with the faction event and bounty).


I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen this suggestion already.
Please add categories for keys, traitstones (each rarity), pet food, gem stones and resources within the hero inventory. And let us skip with arrows, and shoulder buttons on consoles, through the categories.


This has been suggested separately and as it’s not directly related to 4.0 I won’t include it (but it is documented internally with ip2 :slight_smile: )


What did you do with the skulls? Why its look like of brown gems. Return back to the normal WHITE skulls.


I bet you arrrrrrrren’t aware that September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.


You can disable it in the settings “Graphics->Holiday Gems”.


Don’t forget Gems people wasted, like me, trying to get the new Legendary and got squat in return. Oh, I take that back, I got copies for already Mythic-ed troops, including 7 copies of an already Mythic-ed Leviathan. So, essentially, I got souls (via Disenchantment) for all my gems and keys. Yay me. Pfft.


Do you set limits to what you’re willing to let yourself spend? Eventually, Nimue is guaranteed to be available for diamonds rather than gems if you don’t get her now.


Generally, yes. But, I was already low from the Mythic, what, a week or two ago? Plus, Invasions was just last week, etc. It’s not so much about my limits, it’s about everything in this game having its hand out for my stuff.

(For the record, I am frustrated right now, so if any of that came off with any sort of angry tone toward you, I apologize, it’s not my intention)

Edit: As for your crafting point, fair enough. However, it takes forever for Legendary troops to rotate through the Forge, being there are so many. Plus, I still have about 8 Mythics to craft yet.


Buenas tardes. No modifiqueis las Tropas Míticas, tened en cuenta que a las personas les cuesta conseguirlas y si las cambiáis haréis que se desilusionen. Gracias.


A nice suggestion that is completely doable is: Hold onto your hat… How about a place to gamble all of our Saved up Souls, Gold, Ingots, Gems, really anything of value… The ability to win more is a basic need of a Warrior. That would be some fun!


@Grundulum @Mithran I rewrote it : )