Changes to reporting bugs in Gems of War

The development team no longer responds to posts in the Bug Reports category but will continue monitoring this section for new bugs.

As of today, the Gems of War development team won’t be responding to most bug reports made in the Bug Reports section of the forums. If you need help with a game problem you can contact support instead, however, the team regularly reviews this category for new issues or bugs that occur.

Why is this changing?

As Gems of War continues to grow we want to focus on streamlining our support and communication around existing game issues. This is hard to do when the team is spread across multiple social platforms; making it difficult to get new information when we’re already updating various places at once!

As part of the 4.3.5 update, we’ve made it easier for players to contact us from within the game so we’re expecting an increase in support requests.

We’ve also noticed a lot of you helping each other here already, sometimes before we can. The entire development team is already reviewing this section frequently and fixing bugs as they’re noticed - so this will help us centralize our updates on problems to the known issues and the Help Centre.

These changes - focusing information to the help center, the ability to contact support in-game and the continued help of our fantastic community onboard the forums and global chat - can streamline our support efficiency. We believe this will help us give you fast and efficient help when you need it.

How to report a bug

Report a bug by posting to this category as you would previously, and use the template that appears. A developer might not respond to your post but we’ll be checking this multiple times a day and will sometimes comment where necessary.

If you have an issue that isn’t on the Known Issues list and that only a Developer can help you with contact support here.


If the developers do not comment and nothing appears on the Known Issues list, how can players know that the issue has been seen? How long should we wait before bumping a seemingly-ignored thread or @ing a developer to draw more attention to a topic?


@Grundulum good question!

For bug reports which we’ve confirmed, they’ll be added to the Known Issues list

For bug reports we haven’t been able to reproduce but which are generating a lot of reports, we will respond to the main thread about that bug, but in the interest of streamlining Support, we won’t be responding to every thread.

And of course if you have an issue and you’ve already tried the Known Issues list and the forum and you’re still concerned about it, of course you can still contact Support.


So this really isn’t a change to what’s been happening already? Just officially being said now.

This puts the responsibility to check every Forums post on the player themselves. I myself had to report the same bug for 4+ months before it ever made it on the known issue list… I’m pretty sure it was a confirmed bug as well. While at least 5-10 others reported the same bug. Your time is not anymore valuable than your players.
Please bring this back…

Even if you aren’t going to keep the thread updated. Just have the link to the known issues. That way folks can comment on one thread of known issues of the community, that is completely different from what the devs know are the issues.
Every single change you make to bug reporting may help stream line issues. But the time reduction you’ve seen from your Reports for bug issues is due to the reduction of people willing to make a report more than anything else.

About 4.3.5 where is the patch notes?

I just realized the patch got pushed out early for your platform but we still can’t get patch notes 24 hours before the patch comes out. Which is hillarious to me. :laughing:

Oh and if you want to deal with less Reports or issues. Simply add a “playback option to the game”. It’s unrealistic to expect folks to record every match they do in GoW. Sometimes our minds play tricks on us and we see bugs that didn’t happen. Or if they did actually happen. The player can then record the playback to show you.
I realize adding something like that would be very time consuming and Require a lot of coding. But it will save you a lot of time down the road. I promise you that.

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