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Chests yield wrong numbers after checking troops

I opened eventueel chests got 35 of the new troops i know it needed 25 for mythisc had a few and still couldnt ascend had only 24 troops that was yesterday im still seeing ppl in global chat staying that the yield from chests are not correct in numbers was up gems?

Same, here. I have War Clerics going missing on x2 accounts and Glory from x3 accounts. I haven’t checked Gems or Souls but, I was keeping an eye on War Clerics & Glory. I have no idea if other cards have gone missing either as I have opened so many chests. I only noticed the problem yesterday so I’m not sure about when it started. I would like to submit a ticket but, with this new system, I have no idea where I’m supposed to do it.

This is SOP for these clowns. They can’t go one week without screwing something up. They just hope you don’t notice and spend AAA cash for EVERY purchase

Yeah think the free Keys is for the issue but it aint fixed not good i guess

Hi, IC & Thunder. I posted on “Global” about x15mins ago and noticed Thunder had posted about this. Where are the tickets meant to be done nowadays? I get that many problems with GoW that, I tend to just give up and let them slide, but I’m getting really fed up with all the errors now. Simon.

On these forums. " Because it’s easier "

There is a section in the forum where the topic goes bugreport that tell you where to post or just go 505 and make a ticket greets Craig

of course it is lol :rofl:

Just opened chests on 3rd account:- x124 Gold Chests opened for x300 Glory - x160 actual gain! x10 Event Chests opened for x5 War Clerics - x3 actual gain!

Fishy! :fish:

My head gets dizzy just trying to find the correct procedure.
Previous tickets I’ve submitted have been actioned. Newer tickets have a emailed reply saying come to forum. I posted on forum - wrong place apparently.
Like IC said, “because it’s easier”.
Not for me it’s not. :disappointed_relieved:

Update: I just found the Bug Report section after scrolling down on my IMac - this is almost impossible on Xbox as it goes into “search” and I can’t scroll down. :persevere:

Post your ticket here:https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us?mobile_site=true

And choose the topic “missing rewards” from the list of subject

I’m really sorry, guys but I have no clue what’s going on here. Are you guys saying there’s something wrong with the chests?

Why is it so hard to understand???
You open 100 chests… it says you get X troops, you actually receive Y … wherein Y is less than X

so why didn’t you just say that before?

Rewards screens showing incorrect information has been a consistent problem in 3.3 and 3.4. Many people (myself included) have opened chests or bought stuff from an event shop and been shown, e.g., the rewards from that week’s glory troop pack. Often I will get “New!” notifications on a glory troop…on my 25th purchase of the pack.

These issues seem to be cosmetic only; our inventories are credited the correct amount even though we don’t get to see what was added. Perhaps this is something similar, though the fact that the error is always in the direction of fewer event troops is odd. (On the other hand, people who mistakenly got more event troops are less likely to post a bug report.)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reporting your concern. This is a little tricky for me to do anything about without further information, so you’ll need to contact support.

Regarding how to report things, generally if you are experiencing a bug that you do not need help with you can just report it to the forums here:

However, in this scenario you need help and you are missing something so please contact support with ‘Missing rewards’ selected:

For more info on this process see this article

If unsure, contact us and we’ll redirect you if we can’t help :slight_smile:

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There is undoubtedly an issue with inaccurate rewards from Chests on Xbox One.

When spending gold to open Gold Chests, I noticed that when Glory was randomly rewarded and displayed onscreen in amounts of 40 or greater, actual Glory received was always less.

Additionally, there were instances throughout the past few days where upon collecting hourly Tributes, the Glory awarded and displayed onscreen was not actually received. I tested this a few times by keeping my Glory cache at precisely 10,000 before collecting the next Tribute.

Other resources were given correctly, ostensibly.

Still getting weird numbers i had 44 gems in 200 gold chests and did not get proper amount after i chrcked the servers are total Crap now unieke ftyingpan belulievable

Did gold chest ever gives gems???