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It's Time For The (1.0.9) Patched Feedback Report!

:scroll: This isn’t the weekly update you’re looking for, this is the Patched Feedback Report! :skull::skull::skull:

We’ll be opening with a little Poem composed by yours truly.

There once was a being, heroic and brave.
To each kingdom they drew, and the souls they did save.
But upon One-o-Eight, as the troops did now grow.
The Hero lost spirit, with so little to show.
But in the horizon, a promised decree!
“One-o-Nine will be soon”, they respond to our plea.
So fear not young Hero, your time hast returned!
So venture fourth now, with the strength you so yearned!


That’s right folks! Hero’s have been buffed to the point where you won’t even reconize 'em!

Urr… wait, what?
This beaut’s known as the Deathknight Armor, and is only purchasable for $50 bucks in the shops “Specials” section. No date for when of if it’ll be no longer available, but there’s no time like the present as they say, so consider picking it up today!

7 New classes have been introduced, and now using souls, traitstone, and 250 battles worth of patience, you can power your hero to extreme new heights! Though maybe not quite as high as the Behemoth…

The Warlord of Broken Spire. Become the hulking giant you always wished to be! Now you can finally live out your fantasies of destroying cities with a swing of your axe, or crush hundreds of peasants like a bunch of miserable ants! Or is that just my way of thinking about it?

The Archer of the Forest of Thorns. Everyone knows that in any MMO that elves are the hottest species. With a bow in hand and angry little green men nipping at your feet, you can enjoy the rush of the lush forest pass you as you briskly hop from tree to tree, trying for dear life not to be caught and executed by the goblin camp you stole from in an attempt to feel like Robin Hood!

The Knight of Sword’s Edge. The most noble and proud group of soldiers to ever serve. Now you to can become a part of the legendary round table! The square table was getting kinda stuffy and uncomfortable with Brian frequently asking you drunken questions and playing “what’s that smell” with leftovers in the mini fridge.

The Necromancer of Khetar. You’re not raising the undead like rotting children, you ARE the undead! Reap the souls of the living, command their husks, devour the divine like a golden apple, there is no limit to you power! Bwuahhahaha! Or, you know, play a couple games of match 3. :cough:

The Priest of Whitehelm. Serve the divine spirits that have humbly granted you this gift. Every group needs a white mage, be thankful you’re not teaming up with real people, asking you to heal them every 2 seconds as they charge blindly into the foes path.

The Sorcerer of Karakoth. Ritualize your self into the most feared daemon that ever lived! Growing horns only hurts once, and the fire and brimstone gets kinda cozy after a while. The toughest part of becoming an unholy abomination of the underworld is picking a kooky name. What do you think of Utie’Cay Ie’Pae?

Warden of Maugrim Woods. Unleash the beast inside, what’s your spirit animal? Grrrrowl bark! Woof woof, hoo-hoo, purr. Caw-caw! Squeak, arooooooo! Of course, if you don’t even know how to speak Pig Latin, how will you get the meaning of the previous classes daemon name?


We now finally got a chat system! Feel more connected with your fellow heroes, berate them for unfair or poorly constructed defense teams, complain endlessly about-! *cut off by off-screen talking*
Oh, okay, scratch those last two things I mentioned, offer some relaxing music instead, be helpful whenever you’ve got the time, you know, friendly stuff and all that, yeah, that’s what I meant.


We also got two spanking new kingdoms to explore! Blighted Lands and Drifting Sands, oh, those rhyme. Nice!
Blighted Lands, a direct link to the hellish underworld, you’ll make very few friends venturing here. Plus side? More Magic, heck yeah!
Drifting Sands, discover the most ancient ancestor of the pesky Rock Worms. Best get the Armor offered here before traversing this not so beach-like resort.

Zhul’Kari has also joined the Magic side! While Mist of Scales and Grosh-Nak have joined the Armored master race.

Status Effects

Burning and Poison now drops troops like what only makes sense. Seriously, you ever heard of someone being poisoned or set on fire and just sit on deaths door waiting for someone to pinch them into their grave?

Silence no longer drains mana. Which means draining mana effects don’t feel like buying bootleg goods from a pawn shop any more, yay!

We’ve also got a lot of new status effects, starting from the top is Frozen. Now you can turn the cold shoulder to extra turns. Though the fact it’s limited to four troops that can use it for the moment puts a bit of a damper on it’s accessibility.

Barrier, the ‘Get out of jail free’ card of the gem match world. Our first and presently only positive status effect prevents any and all damage from a singular hit, excluding Devouring in some cases, in which case you’re further powering up the opponent.

Death’s Mark is another status effect, but it has about as much chance of killing as a Serpent’s spell cast. Basically, don’t ever count on it to be the make or break of a match, you will be disappointed.

Our final new status is Disease, Silence’s less strict cousin. Unfortunately this applies as much in effectiveness as it does availability. Regardless, it does have it’s uses, take the goblins for example and their seemingly endless extra turns, not so bad once their mana gain’s halved, eh?

We interrupt this feedback to test your Gems of War knowledge with this surprise Trivia!

How many questions can you guess right without spoiling the answer?

Q: Not all inhabitants of Grosh-Nak are always so bent on war or filled with blood lust. What species is the noble Darksong?
A: Gurakk.

Q: Only one color of gem has two alternating names for it’s element (not color). What are these two names?
A: Air, Wind.

Q: Dragons are known throughout time for being large, fierce and powerful. Which Dragon troop is without wings?
A: Sheggra.

Q: 1.0.6 had a much different kingdom bonus setup than the one of today’s. Post-1.0.7; what kingdom bonus was offered the least?
A: +2 Armor.

Q: Spells can only be cast by collecting enough mana. What three mana costs aren’t present on more than a single troop? (e.g.: 14 on Bone Dragon)
A: 4 (Ghoul), 18 (Infernal King), 24 (The Great Maw).

And here’s one last mind-blowing piece of trivia before you go. If you take the first letter of each rarity starting from Common and ending at Legendary, what does it spell?


There’s a lot of troop re-balancing going on here. It’d take everything else in this report and match it (pun intended) to list every troop change, so I’ll stick to biggest changes instead.

First of all, all troops got a rework in stats between levels 16-20. Instead of +1 to all minus magic, it ranges between +3-+4 stats spread about. If you thought it was tanky before!

Dokkalfar now summons Giant Spiders, which can summon Spider Swarms (now a troop), so if you’ve ever had arachnophobia, try not to imagine actually meeting an upset Dokkalfar.

Dryad now has more effects going off at once than Independence Day and explosions. Restore life, give life, create gems, and give Barrier. The ultimate white mage has arrived!

Frost Giant still targets randomly, but now he’s not so n-ice (sorry) with is upraded power to freeze the target. Stay cool, Frosty.

Giant Spider has become a transformer! Gem spawning is a thing of the past, now the only thing he spawns is obnoxious venomous offspring with the survivability of a real house spider.

Knight Coronet actually feels like an Ultra Rare now! With increased magic and Boost Ratio, not to mention targeting bottom opponent’s instead of secondary, he’s quite the heavy hitter. (Not as heavy as that armor, but hey what do I know, I don’t know how much a shadow can bench.)

Lamia doesn’t hit as hard with the attack reduction, so to make up for it she now completely refills when killing off opponent’s, Empowered’s never felt so obnoxious!

Poison Master explodes more gems now based off half his total magic. Unfortunately still sucks, but hey, can’t win 'em all!

Revenant works completely different now. Like “wow” what a turn around! Now targets the last troop for damage (boosted by skulls), and is one of very few troops to place a Death Mark, albeit randomly. (I’m not even making a joke anymore, this surprise must’ve split my funny bone.)

Rex Warrior has also been completely reworked. The only attack he gains is from a successful kill, he’s now prima(l)rily a damage dealer with self-cleanse. Because one more reason to make Poison Master useless was just what the doctor ordered. :wink:

Rowanne can now go toe-to-stump with Paladin in the defense=offense strategy.

Skeleros no longer sucks thanks to Skull doubling, but is hardly a good idea if a Keeper of Souls or Sheggra wasn’t activated before hand. But hey, if it works the opponent’s boned!

The Silent One actually got an overall boost to near everything! Not by much, but whiners should probably take a note from the troop itself and just keep quiet. :mask:

New troop wise, Infernal King makes Sheggra look lazy.

The Great Maw is the embodiment of gluttony.

Dust Devil’s spell is bound to blow you away, literally.

And the Twisted Hero is the thing you become when get tired of playing Gems of War, true story.

I’ll be skipping this section as the only weapon worthy of noting is the Burning Scythe, and if you’re over level 200 and played Arena at all since the patch, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Legendary Troops got completely new 3rd traits after this patch, so I’ll be summarizing them.

The mostly OP every 4+ match abilities. If you’re looking to win, type “4 or 5” in the troops search and check the base legendary troops, those are your new goals.

Granite Skin. If you hate Stoneskin, Gorgotha now halves even that much damage. Either get yourself a Great Maw or a troop with some serious spell damage, otherwise you’re in for a bad time.

Gloomleaf no longer has Stoneskin, but like Hydra he’ll now hurt you when you hit him. Like fighting the ugliest rose ever. (Or in the case of Hydra, the ugliest bouquet.)

The Great Maw only gets one meal spell wise, but can have an endless buffet thanks to Hunger. Just keep whacking away with that giant worm of yours until it’s fit to burst!

The Silent One can now Silence! foes just by hitting them! It’s like a school teacher with a ruler joined Gems of War or something.

While on the opposite end, Bone Dragon can now Freeze foes when getting hit. He must be the misbehaving child in this case. He may be silenced, but the teacher needs to seriously chill.

Force foes to join your legion with Kerboros’ and Keeper of Souls’ 3rd traits. Or just revive yourself on death with the Infernal King’s. Damned infernal eternal inferno king!

Orion’s now the only true master of the True Shot. It’s too good to be true!

I’ll finish off this segment with Webspinner and Crimson Bat which will now do far more Skull damage if you’ve been hit by their spells at all. So, uh, good luck with avoiding that!


Refunds are now an option when troops get an undesirable rework, so rejoice supposedly scorned players! You’re salvation has arrived!

Arena got a boost to Soul rewards, but be weary. It gets harder the closer to 8 wins you are.

Treasure Maps have been reworked to earn you Traitstones every 15 turns taken. While starting moves has been reduced, the rewards have been upped to compensate the loss. Don’t worry, true TH gods can still get some pretty highscores.

We’ll be ending the report with a fun little brainteaser. Lets get ready to Bug Battle!

Beat the evil bug in one turn, or else they’ll grab the skulls or finish charging their spell to win!

:bug: Hp:13, Atk:12, Mana:12/12 :heart: (Spell: 5 damage, boosted by Red Hearts on board. [1:1])
(Spell: 10 damage, boosted by Blue Hearts removed.[2:1]) :sparkling_heart::purple_heart: Mana 11/15, Atk:14, Hp:21 :ant:
:heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x: <-{ Anything above this line will not help you.]

Mind stopping by to answer a few Polls before we’re done?

How many questions did you get right in the Trivia? (Not counting the rarity one.)

  • (0) Zero (Q~Q)
  • (1) One (“Very tough!”)
  • (2) Two (“I tried, dangit!”)
  • (3) Three (“Pretty hard.”)
  • (4) Four (“I know my stuff.”)
  • (5) All Five, of course! (:sweats suspiciously:)
  • (X) Didn’t try it. (“I just like learning stuff.”)

0 voters

What is your favorite change/addition of 1.0.9?

  • Hero Classes
  • New Chat System
  • The Kingdoms
  • Status Effects
  • Traits (Balancing/Legendary/etc.)
  • Arena Changes
  • Treasure Hunt Change
  • Troop Balancing
  • The New Troops
  • Troop Refund

0 voters

What is the worst change/addition of 1.0.9?

  • Hero Classes
  • New Chat System
  • The Kingdoms
  • Status Effects
  • Traits (Balancing/Legendary/etc.)
  • Arena Changes
  • Treasure Hunt Change
  • Troop Balancing
  • The New Troops
  • Nothing

0 voters

What was you favorite part of the Patched Feedback Report?

  • The Poem
  • The Feedback
  • The Trivia
  • The Bug Battle
  • Everything!

0 voters

What was the worst part of the Patched Feedback Report?

  • The Lame Poem
  • Not Enough Feedback Depth
  • Too Much Feedback Depth
  • The Bad Jokes
  • The Boring Trivia
  • Nothing! (Everything was great!)

0 voters

:scroll: And with that we’ve come to a close. May the next big update be even better! :boom::boom::boom:

#[Patch you next time!]


I thought I polled things to death. xD
Great job though. :slight_smile:


The patch is a huge letdown (as usual) but reports like this salvage a lot of fun :slight_smile:

Great job! Thoroughly entertaining and informative. I didn’t know a single answer for the trivia. Too much PVP I guess. Please continue these types of posts. Thanks for your dedication!


Mother of god, he never seems to end with his surprises. Good job! :slight_smile:

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Possibly my favourite game of all time.

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Has anyone beat the “Evil Bug” yet, I can’t seem to get this one

Nice report


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