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1.0.9 Preview Part 1 – Hero Classes

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/1-0-9-preview-part-1-hero-classes/

Greetings, adventurers! A time for Heroes is almost upon us! Check out our first preview video for the 1.0.9 update, and let Sirrian walk you through how the new Hero Classes work.

Please note this Preview only applies to an upcoming patch for Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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That looks absolutely awesome… but what am I ever going to do with my 400k+ souls? >_<
In any case, looking forward to trying theses hero classes! :slightly_smiling:


This looks very interesting, I couldn’t tell very well, does it look like this brings the hero’s skills in line with troops?

I LITERALLY said out loud “ugh more souls?” Right before You mentioned the arena thing.


Is there anyway possible that you can offer the video in closed captioning?

I’ll look into that for you - I’m a relative youtube n00b, so I’m sure it’s possible, I just need to figure out how!

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OMG sounds awesome!!!

Yes - should have clarified that in the video actually. A maxed out hero will be in line with (or slightly better than) a maxed out Legendary in 109.
Actually that statement needs some context, because Legendary stats ALSO are getting a buff to make sure they’re better than commons, rares, ultras. epics at 20… we’ve generally redistributed points so that base-rarity means something now.

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So to clarify the clarification:

Troops skills are being redistributed so rarity is more meaningful.

The hero skills are being brought into line with 1.09 legendary troops (possibly slightly better).

Yes? If so this is very exciting!

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Yes, Exactly!


Woohoo! That’s great news! Especially since it looks like I’ll be needing to play a lot more arena!

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So just Arena getting boosted on soul generation? Meaning that Valkyrie remains a “must” for pvp souls :frowning:

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There might come other troops as Valkyrie, that pumping souls in their skill, with other mana colors. Cant wait.

I’m excited to finally see more heroes in PVP. And the customization looks awesome.

However, my little comment about Hack 'n Slash: Uh-oh…

Let’s see if I can still reach Rank 1 while being an Underdog (no Level 10 Kingdoms)

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Looking great. To be honest before this i assumed heroes would just get traits tacked onto them and some skill bonuses, this is so much more, awesome.

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Love the idea of unique Legendary traits! Will each legendary troop have a unique trait or will there be some repeats among the various legends? Having hero traits is awesome too, I was actually predicting then to be attached to weapons. Can’t wait for the update :slightly_smiling:

Still no mass disenchant for extra Mythics?

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Sigh, I need 627225 more souls BESIDES what the hero needs, in order to max all my units. I sure hope the arena is a SIGNIFICANT boost!

Totally. Awesome.

I need 584995 souls :slightly_smiling: