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It's Time Again For The (2.0) Patched Feedback Report!

:scroll: Have you heard about the sequel? Patched Feedback Report 2: Electric Boogaloo! :skull::skull::skull:

And now, a Haiku:
As the trumpets sound,
They arrive upon horseback,
The end is soon nigh.

PVP Rework

PVP’s gotten a major overhaul (matchmaking-wise at least), not you have three options to choose from, as well as a casual mode for the less competitive crowd! You’ve got a Hydra’s worth of options to work with now! But that’s not all.

Every week, the top 1,000 players (Rated Mode Only) will receive Arcane Traitstones relating to that event’s kingdom! Now we can question why we’re getting Blood Traitstones rather than Swamp Traitstones for Mist of Scales!

And if you prefer playing with difficulties on, Casual Mode allows it, make casual the true hardcore!

Show off your newly implemented profile, troop count, battles won, and more! Stroke that ego! Strut your stuff! Make a man out of you(rself)!

Summoning Improvements

Summoner’s got quite the boost this season.
Summoning level caps are gone (except in arena, where they’re always 15 regardless), traits and ascensions now come included in the package as well! Order now, while supplies last.

You can now become the true Goblord with Goblin Kings endless hoard of martians!

So I heard you like summoners. Now you can have Dokkalfar’s that summon Giant Spiders that summon Spider Swarms, and not totally suck! (It’s really more of an injectection anyways.)

Or possibly become an unkillable force with the great Infernal King, finally living up to his namesake.

VIP Chests

Nothing but good times here, VIP chests also received a buff. Now if you happen to earn that Legendary (or Mythic) troop you so hoped for consolation prizes galore! 1 Key can earn you 2 random Epic Troops OR 2 random Arcane Traitstones! +2000 gold regardless of what you won! Now if it only didn’t cost an arm and a leg per chest. :money_mouth:

Sorry for the interruption! Ever heard of a little game called Picross? This mid-break game is similar to wordcross, except without words and you’re putting in the black spots!

Can you uncover the image? (PM me with your guesses, if it’s not obvious by the time you complete it.)

Glacial Peaks

It wouldn’t be a proper patch without a new kingdom! (Well, it would, but it wouldn’t quite be the same.)

Queen Mab takes center stage for the most loopable Legendary troop ever! This queen of the cold won’t let the turn go once she’s got a hold, so chill your :peach: down for a sec while she finishes up… … …Uh-huh, any day now… … …aaaand, you’re dead. You’ll want to take a break to cool down after a round with this tempest temptress.

Borealis is one cold blooded lizard, this monster will eliminate the oppositions extra turns completely before rolling out a devastating 3x damage just to rub ice in the wound. Oh, he’s also that bird that follows the queen-y around, yeah, magic’s a powerful thing.

Tassarion is the quest Epic for this kingdom, a high elf that doesn’t get along too well with dragons. Master of the forbidden arts, he’ll cast a one-time spell that’s sure to give you an advantage! If only it didn’t cost him his magic accumulation until a after a good fights rest.

Winter Wolf does what Dire Wolf does, but five times better! Along with marking his prey, he can damage, freeze, and shatter them to boot! That’s all without the possibility of gem generation, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Jackelope the introductory troop to Mana Burn! Mana Burn deals damage equal to an enemies collect mana, that’s a possible 24 Damage on The Great Maw. Not so hungry now, are ya’ worm brain!

Winter Knight has a multitude of effects. While exploding a single gem has never meant much, this frosty soldier also gains armor and Barrier in one cast! Solid frontline option in Arena, I’d say.

Snow Sprite finishes off the kingdom and is now the official introductory troop to Freeze/Frozen! Nice ice, baby!

Mythic Troops

They loom, they approach, soon…

We kick off the Apocalypse with War!
Unfortunately his presence has received little notice in the already war-laden lands of Krystara, but this is only the beginning of the end!

While not much in presence, he makes up for in damage! This first of four horsemen is tied for the highest Attack of any troop (tied with Marilith), and gains 2 Attack every turn! He’s also big on arson, as his spells can burn the entire enemy team, along with his Pyromania trait, that’s a lot of damage, AND he has a chance to bypass Armor, does the pain train ever end?!


Now you may be wondering, “What more is there to talk about?” Only one thing.

The Mechanist of Adana has unlocked it’s true 3rd Trait!
Clockwork is a trait that works similarly to Fast, except only on Construct troops, and ALL construct troops! Pairing that with Tankbot 2000 is a first turn armor steal! (Though he’s in a serious need of a buff, if I’m being honest here.)

Ending again with a test of your wits! Hope you’re ready for another Bug Battle!

Beat the evil bug in one turn, or else they’ll grab the skulls or finish you off with their spell!

:bug: Hp:5, Atk:9, Mana:9/10 :sparkling_heart::green_heart: (Spell: Destroy a row. 4 damage per Blue Gem destroyed.)
(Spell: Explode a Gem. 3 damage per Purple Gem destroyed.) :yellow_heart: Mana 8/8, Atk:11, Hp:20 :ant:
:heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x::heavy_multiplication_x: <-{ Anything above this line will not help you.]

Got a few Polls here for you, answer some maybe?

Favorite New Feature(s)

  • PVP Change
  • Summoning Improvements
  • Hero Profiles
  • VIP Chest Change
  • Glacial Peaks
  • Mythic Troops

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Least Favorite New Feature

  • PVP Change
  • Summoning Improvements
  • Hero Profiles
  • VIP Chest Change
  • Glacial Peaks
  • Mythic Troops

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How can the report be improved? (Not necessary to vote on this one if you think it’s fine as is.)

  • More Poetry
  • Less Poetry
  • More Pictures
  • Less Pictures
  • More Feedback
  • Less Feedback
  • More Breaks
  • Less Breaks
  • New Break (Crosswords? Find the Difference?)
  • Old Breaks (Trivia? Bug Battles?)

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Rate the (2.0) Patched Feedback Report on a scale from 1 to 5.

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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

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:scroll: Much has happened with always more to come, look forward to the next one! :boom::boom::boom:

##[Patch you next time!]


Last time, on the Patched Feedback Report!

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Nice report




I would like to see more “Evil Bug” challenges

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There always the previous Patched Report. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I could probably do more in the future, maybe in their own topic or something. I’ll think about it.

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Off topic I know… but nostalgia kicked in. You had me reminiscing on cassette decks and cardboard :smile:

Edit: If you get this you, deserve a headband

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poppin 'n lockin?