Support Group for People Going Through GoW Withdrawal


I collected my bonus just in time to see a message informing me that the game was going to go away for a bit.

And 5 whole kingdoms gave me tribute for my torment :wink:

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I just watched this episode last night!

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My patched feedback report should be quite the spectacle with what all I’ll have to cover.
I’ll garner it should be up for reading in about 2-4 weeks. Hope it does even better than my last one! :relieved:

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I look forward to when you publish that novel. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here’s something release you could do!

Go participate in this post!

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Since we’re already shamelessly plugging, figure I might as well offer some reading material.


#IT’S ON!!!

Time to get your 2.0 game on

Steam doesn’t have it yet, at least as far as I can tell. So the update is currently only on mobile, meaning the Dev’s haven’t finished just yet :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll make an announcement once the servers are back up. Hang in there guys!


My real problem is my plan to distract myself, USA playoff basketball, has been completely derailed by a blowout game.

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That and watching LeBron James shoot free throws everytime someone breathes on him.


Asha is watching Drunk History while she waits.


Tacet you’re the best!

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Thank you so much Cell!! <3 you’re awesome!!

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Steam update files are out!

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I managed to log in with 1 minute to go before sever maintenance. Got my tribute and redeemed a code! I felt like a hacker typing that fast on my mobile to beat the less than 60 secs the warning gave me when I logged in!! :wink:

And all of that before directing my church choir rehearsal! Lol

Now I’m home and ready to get my 2.0 on!!!

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May I ask - Where did you get a code from?

Redeem codes are given out occasionally by Devs in Global Chat, and also by streamers or other people who might be running a community event (which the code would be give to them by the devs). Also I believe the GoW Facebook and Twitter have codes every now and again as well.

@tacet shares codes in his videos

Also if you are still looking for something to do check out my take over at: