1.0.9 Hype-Train πŸš„πŸš„πŸš„

Been a lot of negatives and ultimatums swinging around. I thought I create a positive place to go by saying that I’m all aboard the hype train for this next patch. It will be very interesting to see the new iteration of the game and the heros relevance reborn. Tomorrow is going to crawl by.


im looking forward to the new map stuff (not sure ill like it but i am looking forward to it)
im looking forward to the 4th spot agility bug being fixed
im looking forward to the mass ascension :slight_smile:

im looking forward to the hero traits and the new legendary traits.

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First thing I will do is spam channel one in the global chat. xD I think I will enjoy it more than any other feature, lol.

Me too. I can’t wait to start earning some hero perks and using my hundred or more treasure maps to get some traitstones.

Not sure if the chat’s going to grab my interest - if I’m in the game, I want to be matching-3. I’ve got the forum for when I’m not in game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hero classes! New kingdom! Troop balancing! Treasure Hunt & Arena buff! Get hype!

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forgot about arena bonuses :slight_smile: its why i stopped playing it. KINGDOM!!! getting my gold together now :slight_smile:

I’ve been one of the negative nancies about the 1.0.9 changes, but I do have to say I am extremely excited about the new class system and hero changes. Really looking forward to all the new teams people come up with and the abilities of the classes for our newly useful heroes.

I’m also excited for the change to legendary traits…not that I will be able to afford any that I haven’t hoarded Arcanes for…but it will be cool to see what the devs have done

Looking forward to goblin kings reworked last trait, devour any great maws on spell casting.

And first trait. +5 to all stats when in last position.

My newly-traited hero will return from deep slumber to whup Mr. Sammy again.

Sorry to bring your hype train to a stop but i hate this next patch (that is a lie). i hope it burns to the ground (i hope to play it forever). i shall notify everyone of this horrible game and how bad it is (he is going to advertise how good it is like you would not believe). This is the worst update ever (best update ever woot). I think once this update comes out i will quit the game (more like take a break from life and play this update nonstop). If this update comes out i will vote for trump (no matter what happens he is voting for bernie sanders and also he is hyped for this update too). i hope every one here quits playing this horrible game (he wants you to no life this game with him). i hope every one has a horrible day (he wants everyone to get cascades in their favor and have a happy fun filled awsome and amazing day).

All aboard the choo choo train!


Every single thing about this new patch have me pretty excited about! Perhabs the only thing lacking, at least for me, was that we still have no news for a mass disenchant on mythics feature…

In general… Yet another awesome job by the development team.

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I’m excited for revamped treasure hunt and troop refunds actually! Woot woot!
:grinning: :sunglasses: :thumbsup:

Yeah, nice new features every couple of months, I think they can keep us interested for quite a while :slight_smile:

Three cheers for seeing your kingdom power progress in the main screen!!

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Oh dang! TWO kingdom hype!

We all have dreams, some more realistic than others.

I’m really hyped on the hero classes… Can’t wait to level them up!