Some 1.0.9 Appreciation

Thank you Devs for this awesome patch.

As usual after a major patch people storm the forums and are always concerned with whatever they think didn’t get addressed in a way they would have liked, troops that didn’t get enough love or troops or weapons that are too strong, still too weak, server issues. etc. etc. and their threads dominate the board as it always happens.

So i just wanted to take a breather to thank the Devs for this patch that i think is quite awesome. A lot of improvements on a lot of fronts, lots of new stuff to test out and play around with, Huge changes to troops and the dynamic of battles, opening a lot of new options for viable teams and a lot of troops (that i love) got some well deserved love.

So thank you and keep up the good work.


Thank you +1

Agreed. Thanks devs :slight_smile:

Been so caught up in the update that my Feedback Report’s taking longer than intended.
Should have it done and posted sometime next week.

Thanks, Devs! Never has another game reached 600+ (Or 100+ for that matter) hours on my Steam library.

Thank you! :relieved:

There are so many “Little Things” that have improved the experience. I’m not going to try to list them, but:

Kingdom defense offering souls and an event key!

I just got one of those too, it was sweet! Got a lot of gold too. I can see people starting to put up weak defense teams hoping to get a lot of revenge battles :wink:

Yes - as luck would have it all my fave troops and teams seem to have been buffed in some way. Even little Aziris who fights the gobbies has an awesome full mana buff.
Having a great time - so refreshing to battle different teams and think of tactics for your line up before you begin.
Fab - u - lous darlings :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Plus 1 from me. So much new interesting content and new ways to combine troops including the hero. Also the game feels much more balanced, with the focus back on the spells instead of the skulls.
Since this is only half of what you guys originally planned for this patch, I am eagerly awaiting version 2.0!

Agree with the positive sentiments above - so much good new content. With so many balance changes, and magic coming back to the fore, it feels like a new (& much richer) game.

Not sure if it is new (as I have generally had the sound off previously), but the music during Treasure Hunt is excellent & fitting to a treasure hunt.

Agree, +1 from me!

Hey i did this for 1.0.8 and my thanks remains and i shall put them here too.

Thank you.

LOVE some of the changes! it keeps it interesting!

1.0.9 was definetly a step in the right direction. I especially like the troop rebalancing, although there is still a lot of work to do concerning balancing imo.

I wanted to thank them for this.

I didn’t even realize that I was missing any gems. So kudos from me to them for being honest about it.


Similar to the Great Maw eating their servers! I admit, I laughed when they gave that message out

I’ve also found several small things not in the patch notes that are really appreciated
Even if you get multiple 5-matches in treasure hunt it will only say “extra turn” once
The buttons for switching armor finally work as intended

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