Design-a-troop Project Part 1a - Kingdom poll is now closed!

The Werewolf of Maugrim Woods!


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Glacial peaks is probably my favorite kingdom now.

We veered way off-topic here. (In fact, we were off-topic once we started throwing out troop designs, but now we’re really in the weeds). I suggest starting a new thread to discuss existing kingdoms and troops.


All kingdoms not at nine troop need a troop.

All kingdoms at ten troop do not need a troop.

All you maugrim woods voters need to go vote Adana!

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I’m now in love with the Daemon hunter idea, so I’m gonna have to campaign for Blighted Lands. :slight_smile:

Maybe we need a follow-up poll with just Adana and Blighted Lands. Run off!

Didn’t someone upthread mention something about a lack of love stories? What if our Daemon Hunter was looking for her lost love who was corrupted and became the Herald of Chaos?

Hey, I dig it.

Would be an elf then :wink:

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Don’t forget all those silent people who originally voted for blighted lands. FirFor all we know they are going to ALL be like “blarg must have moar powerful daemon!”

What, humans can’t love elves? That’s pretty racist!

It’s not like that at all, if you remember Tyri is a half-elf.

It more the fact that Herald of Chaos has been the Herald for centuries. For his beloved to come looking for him, it would have to be an elf.

It could be human if he saved her from infernal king though…

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Unless she would take a dark path (vampirism) to be able to follow her lover for all eternity if needed…
Now i want to write something out of this…

That’d make for an interesting story! Demon Hunter embarks on a Revenge Quest against IK, Herald saves her patootie, against all odds she falls in love with him.

Hero: “I see…that’s interesting.”


“Let’s go!”

Truly we have the beginnings of a literary masterwork here.


Wait, it’s fleshing out now, she IS his lover, and has cursed herself with some form of immortality in her quest to find him. Probably from all the daemons and undead she has had to fight.

Not vampirism. She needs to remain human.

@Machiknight, she’s a cyborg demon hunter! Human, machine, daemon hunter, everybody’s happy!


Congratulations, @RiverSong, you’ve discovered where design-by-committee waltzes off a cliff. :wink: