Design-a-troop Project Part 1a - Kingdom poll is now closed!

Vampirism is a curse that grants immortality…

I would watch it if they do a movie.

Okay, then she has pet lemmings, too!

Edit: I should have said lemmings are her spirit animal.


@Nimhain makes a cool tale out of that possibility. Makes you wonder if there can be an extended quest line for the new troop. More story is good.

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Too op, needs to be nerfed! Ok, now we are just messing around like A LOT… (Not saying it’s not fun sometimes…)

I am SO SOLD! Her home of origin is ADANA!

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Off to play D&D!

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Right? If only weekly troops could get the characterization that the quest troops do…

In any case, this is a great direction to go, IMO.

I repeat this:

Hmm I could almost swing this debate :open_mouth: there is only about a vote between Adana and Blasted Lands, and my vote currently sits with Pan’s Vale. I like Adana as a kingdom, but I’m liking the concepts that could come out of Blasted Blighted Lands… decisions, decisions…

EDIT: Of course there is still a few more days left on the poll, so it probably won’t come down to that :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that your WoW showing? :wink:


coughs ahem…I don’t know what you’re talking about…

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So I turn my back for a few hours and this is what happens… It’s like how our new kittens can dismantle a sofa in minutes…

So much for rules… So many interesting (and some utter nonsense) troop ideas that I’ll be largely ignoring, as (1) we get ahead of ourselves and (2) I honestly can’t keep track of all that…

Guys if you’re passionate about a theme please do note it down for yourself and post it in the right thread once this poll is done


Aw, c’mon. People are excited. Besides, I was always that annoying kid in the front of the class waving my hand in the air trying to answer all the questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where’s my shotgun…?

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Not quite, it could be a human like Bayonetta who is human but is also a scarlet witch who can control time. She is hundreds of years old.

I don’t think it should matter. The idea is to make whatever troop we want, no matter what it is and where it is from.

The devs don’t seem care about it either, or they would have limited our choices.

I would assume that many of those silent voters simply saw a magic kingdom with 7 troops and voted based on that. They might not even care what the troop will be, so I’m not that worried.

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I am not a dev I cannot answer ;-). But I saw the game files and for each kingdom there was 10 slots for troops only. So I don’t know if kingdoms will have more than 10 troops. looking at @Sirrian
The same for the number of Legendaries: do devs agree for 3+ Legendaries by kingodm?
I’m just asking. Maybe these points were already talked with @Jainus

There’s potentially no limit to the number of troops a kingdom might have


Honestly I feel like this is a bit backward. Why pick the kingdom before designing a troop? I feel like the kingdom assignment should come afterward, but that’s just me.

By the time this troop sees release, there will be over a month’s worth of changes, including what sounds to be a fairly major rebalancing pass. The game might look quite different in that time frame, so really I feel like picking a kingdom and then choosing a troop afterward is a bit of putting cart before horse.

That said, vote Blighted Lands! It’s the Right Thing To Do.