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Community: Design-a-Troop Project

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to a great community suggestion over the weekend, we’ve decided to do something a little unusual for one of our upcoming troops… we’re going to let YOU design it!

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. @Jainus has very kindly agreed to manage the whole process for us (it was his idea after all), which is great for everyone, because it leaves us more time to work on the game!

  2. When Jainus kicks off a thread, you’ll find it in the Community Content area of the forums.

  3. @Nimhain & myself will be keeping a watch on the whole process, for both balance & technical & copyright issues. We DO reserve the right to change some stuff, but it will be mostly because our tech might not allow certain traits/spells to be created (our system isn’t infinitely flexible, thanks to the iOS rules about scripting languages in apps)

  4. The troop will be Legendary, so you’ll be creating not just a troop and a spell, but also a Legendary Trait!

  5. When the initial design is done, it will go out to art, and you’ll get to see the various art iterations as they come in.

  6. And finally we’ll make the troop available to everybody when it’s done in a Glory-Reward pack, along with some matching traitstones.

The whole process might take a while (art itself can be slow, and changes to tech can be even slower!) but it’ll be a nice insight into the design process for everyone.

Keep an eye in Community Content for Jainus’s first post!


HYPE!! :smiley:

We need more of these. One every season. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How fun! Truly a community here :heart:

This is awesome and exciting!

I really excited to watch the process evolve. :tada: :fireworks:

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Do we know yet what kingdom this will be for, or is that decision part of the project? I assume its not an unreleased kingdom.

That’s great. I think it’s a very good news for the community.
Thanks @Jainus and good luck to manage this project ;-).

Why not a preliminary plot to decide it?

My assumption was you get to design it top to bottom, including Kingdom, Type, Color(s), etc.

Personally, I’d love to troll the devs and beat them to a Purple Imp :grin:

This is a great idea. I can’t wait to see what awesome ideas everyone comes up with!

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Please don’t, I’ve been drafting ideas for that.


As long as it’s not called “Troopy McTroopface” we’re probably good


The first decision on the thread will be which kingdom the troop gets added to.

Typical voting sequence will be:

  • I invite suggestions on a choice
  • members reply with ideas, giving reasons, limited to one idea per member
  • I choose the best three or four ideas, with input from devs on technical and balance points
  • I put these in a poll and the community vote on the best idea
  • if there’s a tie, @sirrian gets the casting vote

I will start this the first thread later today.

Cheers all


I do not want to rain on anyone’s parade but this was a logical step for the developers to do. We already make suggestions for features to the game, and the devs do implement them in future updates. This last major update to the game was a culmination of multiple requests from different individuals. Now we get to design a card for the game that will be implimented in the game. I am not sure this is a good idea, however it does show that our voice is heard by the developers. I am going to try to create a fair and powerful legendary i want people to want to make mythic for their collection.

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To be clear - the community will vote on each stage of the design process - kingdom, theme, spell ideas, traits - so it’ll be designed by collaboration.

We won’t expect anyone to contribute a fully designed troop idea at the start.

New thread will be up soon, then I am off to work so I will pick up ideas posted this evening.

The culmination of a community to come together to make a card worth having. So glad we have something like this

Hmmm…possibility to muzzle/counter Maw before the Devs… but then we should probably be more expansive than that.

Why not create a troop that counters everything? Make it steal mana from others and start the battle with mana. A mana vampire if you will.

Maw already does that… and look where that’s taken us…

But seriously… nope… one aim of this community project is not to break the game

…and the first part is live here: Design-a-troop Project Part 1 - POLL 1 IS SHUT - SEE THE OTHER THREAD


I mean like make it able to be similar to tyri but a better version. Where tyri denys mana from the board we can take it from opponents troops. we already have troops that steal stats so why not make one that steals mana right from the troop itself. It can even be like tyri a glass cannon.