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Design-a-troop Project Part 2: Troop Concept Ideas

We want a new legendary troop for the Blighted Lands

…thanks to the vote here: Design-a-troop Project Part 1a - Kingdom poll is now closed!

So the next step is to decide the troop’s overall concept and theme.

There is no need at this stage necessarily to include:

  • name (ideas welcome, but we’ll do a separate vote on that once we nail down the theme)
  • colours (but suggestions welcome if they bring the concept to life)
  • spell ideas and trait ideas (if they are made here, I will forget and/or ignore them)

One thing that might help is the odd bit of concept art, but please do not (for the sake of mobile browsers) completely fill this thread with art. Do also add any thoughts on descriptions, possible history or lore, role in the kingdom or how it got there.

Please also limit to one suggestion per member, to give others a chance. Do like ideas to help them stand out for me.

I will keep this thread open for 2-3 days, or longer if it feels like great ideas haven’t come through.

I will check in with @sirrian in case any ideas cause duplication or other difficulties to the devs, and then list my preferred 4-5 concepts, based on like, comments and my own views of coolness, in a poll in a new thread.

Let’s get creating!

EDIT: PS: I already have 5-6 ideas of my own which I am itching to put here… but as this is a Community Project and not just a Jainus-designs-a-troop Project, I will desist… for now…

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I’m going to say, that a great concept would be a human who fell in love with an elf. They have been Monster Hunters together protecting the area around their homelands from evil monsters and demons. The elf became corrupted somehow by denizens of the blighted lands and eventually got cursed with becoming the herald of Chaos. While being corrupted he attacked his lover in the chaos of Rage and damaged her greatly in an epic battle outside of Adana.

A mechanic from Adana who had a rivalry with spark grinder found her damaged bleeding and almost dead in the woods outside of the city. Unable to reproduce the intelligent mechanical creatures that spark Grindr has been able to make, he decided to attempt to save this girl’s life and fuse her with technology.

She lived as mostly human but with many mechanical parts thereby able to extend her age greatly. She has traveled to the blighted lands in an attempt to rescue her former lover and short of that put an end to his misery.


Short and simple, like the idea of a demon hunter, Van Helsing eske.
Story… Umm… Going to fight demons?


I love this idea, mostly because a lot of itwas originally mine, but @Machiknight has spelled it out much better than I ever could. So, thank you, Machknight, for giving life to my original suggestions.

I am not an artist and am not equipped to provide illustrated suggestions, but could she please not be nearly naked?


@zelarith - Not sure the devs will want this reproducing here!

1: that’s a bit too much pulling from game files!
2: that’s surely a huge spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played it through yet!

I would like to see a troop that works on the enemy backward, the spell can do what it does to the last enemy and the legendary trait can cause it’s skull matches to attack the last enemy instead of the top

I think the troop should be a Daemon so it better fits in with the other Blighted Lands troops. Something related to the Death Mark theme that is consistent with the Kingdom. My thought is to style it after Eurynomos, the Greek demon that feeds on corpses.

Here’s a piece of concept art:


I am thinking of a corrupted mech dragon with lots of blades and other evil looking mechanical contractions on it. It would mainly be blacks, reds, and greys. Despite it’s appearance, it would be a dragon just like how Venbarak is a dragon despite looking undead.

Constructed by Sparkgrinder for the purpose of aerial assault, -name- become a prized asset for Adana in times of war. Similar to much of his inventions, -name- fell out of Adana’s control to the point that the construct’s AI became independent of anyone else’s control. The dragon terrorized many of the kingdoms of Kyrstaria on it’s endless rampage. When it finally made its way to the outskirts of Blighted Lands the dragon was taken hostage and was quickly corrupted to work for the Daemonic legion.


I disagree on this one : a lot of people wants the possibility to replay the quest just to be able to play the story again, it was one of the first features I worked on. It also came in handy for a couple people who wanted to build fan fiction.

That’s right though, I didn’t think this through. Spoiler tags included, sorry.



I am also very much in favor of the Human Legendary Daemon Hunter idea. I want to see a non-monster Legendary, ideally one of the “common” fantasy races of human, dwarf, or elf, since none of them have a legendary.

I also happen to have a fantastic girl-crush on empowered females. :shrug:


There are 15 daemons. There are 17 Humans. Only 4/7 Blighted Lands troops are daemons.

Not only does Daemon work much better than any other troop type for Blighted Lands, Krystara, and especially the Blighted Lands, needs more Daemons!

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I think we need more dragons. :slight_smile:


@Lyya, it sounds like what you really want is Hel, the goddess of death and daughter of Loki. She’s a Daemon!

Something like one of these two:

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But none of the humans are used for anything…with the exception of maybe Anointed One.

I love the aesthetic of the Diablo 3 Demon Hunter, and having a troop based off of it would be awesomesauce.


Alchemist and Acolyte are humans! I also want to see Legendaries for the common races, I just don’t think Blighted Lands is the right place for it. Elf = Zhul’kari; Dwarf = Khaziel; Human = Karakoth. Daemons = Blighted Lands.

Well, to be fair, Whitehelm has an Undead quest companion and a Daemon Legendary boss. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to see a berserker. Same theme as the tortured hero in story. A troop that was held in thrall and broke his chains for revenge. Someone who is pure offense with the legendary trait that allows health gain based on the percentage of damage done.

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Yeah, and it’s super annoying! Pesky dragons and undead and klnights getting in the way of a sweet Divine team!