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Fan Troop Corner

With all the current hype with troop designs, and my exams for this semester nearly over, I figured I’d take a crack at some troop designs as a game design exercise.

It’s worth noting that these are just fan made designs in the same way there is Fan Art and Fan Fics for other games/mediums, not ones that have a chance to be added to the game, like the one being designed in the Design-a-troop Project.

I see this thread mostly as a place where people can show off their designs that they’ve come up with and allow people to comment on each others designs.

I’ll start with a few of mine and people can feel free to comment, or add their own.

Ball of fluff Swarm
Glacial Peaks

Deal [Magic+3] damage randomly split among enemies. Boosted by my Life [2x]

Water Heart

I haven’t come up with a decent name for these creatures. I see it as a swarm of small creatures (similar to Riot’s Poros in League of Legends) acting as one. Meant to be cute but deadly. Also the ability design was based of Rowanne’s.

Reference Art:

Shield Thrower
Ultra Rare

Shield Throw
Destroy my armour and deal damage to an enemy equal to amount of armour destroyed.

Giant Bond
Water Brand

I made this mostly to use an ability I came up with randomly during the Design-a-troop Project discussion. The idea is that the giant isn’t wearing much armour other than their shield (hence destroying their armour when the spell is used).

Reference Art:


Very nice. But I want to know why your male giant is apparently fully clothed while the female is nearly naked. I would think she would at least get cold, if not severely wounded. Positive points for being a redhead, though.:wink:


They were just the first quick applicable images I found on Google to be honest. I can’t draw worth anything, so I’m mostly trying to give people the idea of what kind of look I’m going for. To be honest… I thought they were both female… :stuck_out_tongue:

My idea is that they don’t wear much armor at all, more like the second image, but carry a shield more like the first image’s one. I’m thinking something similar to D&D’s barbarian, in that they are mostly unarmoured except for a shield.

I do like the idea of the giant being a redhead though.

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You could check my topic too. If interested: Creative contest- Create a Card - Step one: Themes

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I’m just giving you grief, @Ozball. Not meant to be taken seriously.


Yup, I’m following it :wink: I’ve just got limited free time till after Wednesday next week, and wanted to get these ideas out before I forgot them.

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Heh, I figured. But it did raise the good point that the first image did conflict a bit with my visual idea of the giant, so figured I’d clarify that at least :wink:

That brings up a good point. If the winner of the contest happens to be a female human, I wouldn’t mind if she were actually wearing appropriate clothing. You can be sexy without being flagrant!


Yea leave a little room for imagination to kick in

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Agreed! A lot of the concept art I looked at seemed to think that no armour also meant no clothes… <_<


Nekked is good too. Why should we be ashamed of the human body. It’s a beautiful thing.

True, but I doubt the devs want their 7+ rating in the Play Store to become an 18+ one :stuck_out_tongue: (if Google even allows that)

I’m occasionally surprised that some of the current art doesn’t put the 7+ rating at risk. Some of it’s sexy, yet still classy, while others are just silly looking. Sirrian’s claim that the Revenant icon attracts more installs than Green Seer does not surprise me.

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The different picture styles are giving me flashbacks to @Eika’s art dump thread!

Here’s an idea of mine.

Shaolin Master (Rarity: Legendary / Type: Human / Kingdom: Dynasty Heights)
Spell: Arhat’s Many Palms (Blue/Brown Cost: 18) - Deal [Magic] damage to an enemy, Boosted by all collected Mana. [Boost Ratio: 2:1] Steal 3 Mana from all enemies.
Trait 1: Immune - Immunity to Disease.
Trait 2: Stone Spirit - Gain 1 Magic for each Brown ally.
Trait 3: Chakra Block - Disease a random enemy on 4 or 5 Gem matches.

I have an art dump thread?

Whoops, meant Eika’s art dump. (Corrected)

Oh i almost thought i was losing my mind.