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Design-a-Troop (WEEK TWO: Theme & Visual Style)

It’s time to vote on the second round of our Design-a-Troop competition! The devs have gone through every reply in the original thread, and here are the 8 faves. Vote vote vote! Voting will close Sunday night and then on Monday the next round will begin.

Now it’s time to vote on the theme and visual style!

  • War/Mech Turtle (Annaerith/Skarbourne)
  • Pufferfish Mine (Doghouse)
  • Mech Mermaid (Eika)
  • Mechanical Electrical Eel - (Grundulum)
  • Merfolk Chariot (Jainus)
  • Crab Tank Mech (SKREEMZ)
  • Shocktopus (VegaDark541)
  • Harpoon Gunner + huge cannon (Zuboki)

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Raksha dwarf? Ummmmmm, no.

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Why the last entry is type - kingdom compared to others?

it cant be edited now :stuck_out_tongue: (i meant the poll, not my vote)

i shamelessly voted on silverglade (i want more magic) and merfolk (just want more of them in the game) :stuck_out_tongue:

You can click on “Hide results”.

Urksa ? :wink:

It’s gonna be a submarine :anchor:

I am lobbying for a gorilla of some kind. So an undead giant gorilla is my vote! I will even give permission to name it Vangor!

You’re welcome

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lol opposite to ‘I want to ride a pony’ text would be ‘I want to ride a kitty’.

maybe that’s the humor they see in it?

And for goodness sake, another troop for Broken Spire? Kingdoms low in troop count should be considered when deciding who we should vote for. Can’t vote in good conscience. :neutral_face:


Hehe why not?! Have you ever seen a dwarf cat? It’s the best thing ever!!

Copied my post from elsewhere

I don’t think I’ll vote, I’m not keen on any of the choices. Giants are vastly under represented, so are elves, decent ones anyway. I’m not complaining, I didn’t really push any idea based on a kingdom forwards but nothing there really gets me thinking, ‘yes, we absolutely need this’

Shark with laser beams!

Cyborg shark-man? Cyborg shark-man. Maybe there’s an inventor building pistol-hands and mecha-peg-legs for Blackhawk’s pirates. Who’d be crazy enough to do that? Sparkgrinder, probably.

Both of the Merfolk troops we’ve seen have been humanoids with shark heads, which is a nice take on aquatic people. I wonder if they’ll all be sharks or if we’ll see other creatures of the deep, like the crew of the Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean. I hope it’s the latter, so that we can have squid-men and crab people. Look like crabs, talk like people…

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Should’ve been restricted to one vote per person…


Woowho! I made this weeks cut! :tada:


wow votes very close! :open_mouth:

I can’t check as on mobile and dodgy connection… but were there really this many that got more than the 15 likes that mine got… :frowning:

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Janius I believe they will choose new options next week. Whoever gets top on this week moves forward.

Decisions involved bag of wine, clothes line, and devs passing out. No thought or logic went into these picks.
Oh, and divine daemon will cause a religious S storm.

This does seem to be a really inefficient and laborious way of doing it. How many stages and different ‘designers’ will there be in the end product?

Be more rewarding for people to put forward full suggestions which can then be modified.