Design-A-Troop Competition! (WEEK 4: Name and Traits!) VOTING TIME!

That’s right! It is now voting time for the name and traits! For clarity, we have decided to run two polls, one for the name, and another for the traits.

  • Shocktopus (VegaDark541)
  • Shoctopussy (Namour)
  • S.Q.U.I.D (Super Quantum Universal Ink Discharger) (Doghouse)
  • Tanktacule (Venar)
  • Octobot (Eika)
  • Depth Charger (Goober)
  • U.L.T.I.M.8 (Undersea Luminescent Thermoelectric Infiltration Mech) (Zuboki)
  • G.L.O. (Giant Lightning Octopus) (DracoDraconis)

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  • Trait 1: Mech Bond - Trait 2: Water Link - Trait 3: Dive- submerge on blue matches (efh313)
  • Trait 1: Deal double Skull damage vs. Submerged troops. (new Fish Eater) - Trait 2: Water Link - Trait 3: Armored (turintour)
  • Trait 1: Thick Head (immune to stun) - Trait 2: Tangle (inflict entangle when dealing skull damage) - Trait 3: Stone Skin (reduce damage from skulls by 50%) (bjb1990)
  • Trait 1: Indigestible - Trait 2: Water Link - Trait 3: Stoneskin (eika)
  • Trait 1: Stealthy - Trait 2: Merfolk Shield - Trait 3: Mana Shield (Jainus)
  • Trait 1: Mana Shield - Trait 2: Engulf/Flood (Deal double Skull damage vs. Submerged enemies) NEW TRAIT -Trait 3: Indigestible (Doghouse)
  • Trait 1: Mech Bond - Trait 2: Merfolk Bond - Trait 3: Impervious (AnarchyChampion)
  • Trait 1: Insulated - Trait 2: Big - Trait 3: Invention (Zelarith)

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Vote away! :slight_smile:

My proposition (Fish Eater, Water Link, Armored, so the 2nd one) is:

  • to make this troop tanky enough to stay in 1st slot (ie Armored). The spell (ie Choose a colour. Destroy 8 gems of the chosen colour. Deal [magic+something] true damage to each enemy of that colour.) could misfired and so, some tankness is appreciate in case of possible skull given to the AI :wink: Stoneskin is another choice, but the 3-traits combinaison would have been too great for an Epic troop.
  • to add some synergy with other aquatic troops and because this troop could be in 1st slot, so it’s cool to have a attack booster against Submerged troop (ie Fish Eater)
  • Water Link, for more synergy with Blackhawk troops (main color is Blue) and Links are always nice :slight_smile:

Glad I was given credit for Shocktops, even though once we were at the naming suggestion stage I was not first to post. I did post shocktopus first but it was not yet at that stage of voting so I wasn’t sure I’d get credit.

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I think we should get some more submerge-using troops into the game before we start adding anti-submerge effects :stuck_out_tongue: I also think “[effect] when matching [color]” is an underused trait structure with a lot of potential.

@Saltypatra it may be good to put the winning spell text in your first post here, so people can easily see what the traits will be attached to.

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The only traits which have this trigger are unique ones. So on, not compatible with an Epic troop :slight_smile: .
It’s still possible to make him a Legendary troop.

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Thanks everyone that voted on S.Q.U.I.D so far.
Took a while to come up with that name, certainly not as easy as Jack Lumber or Mufferfish.

As for traits, they just made a lot of sense to me and the troop’s ability seems powerful enough for an epic.

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Thanks for the votes people! I am honored to be on both these votes. However I think the Shocktopus name and bjb1990s trait ideas gonna win, and I am fine with that. :slight_smile:


Zelarith’s trait suggestion is pretty powerful, it gains 2 armor and 1 life every 4-5times. And immunity to freeze which synergizes with getting multiple 4-5times going. It’s the best option IMO

Sorry, brudda, but Stoneskin is a lot stronger than these two traits combined together. Immunity to freeze seems okay tho.

I think thare are enough stoneskins in the game already, though not many that use green mana.

I always thought stoneskin to be one of the cheapest traits around. Once you give it to a troop, it makes the troop usable, but it also becomes the core reason to ever use said troop. That’s just how I feel.

Bjb’s traits scare me. Immune to stun + entangle on skulls + 50% armor. That sounds really annoying. It’s like a more obnoxious Forest Troll at that point.

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Thanks to everyone that has voted on G.L.O.:joy:

You Guys/Girls/Other are the best.

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I am honored to be a finalist!
Thanks for the votes.

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Salty why did you change your avatar?? Your previous one was much better

I wanted to be extra salty.

You already super salty :slight_smile: