Design-a-Troop (WEEK TWO: Theme & Visual Style)

I am going to agree with @Nephilim’s meh on this. None of these sound very intriguing. And with 18 likes currently on my suggestion post, I feel @Jainus’ pain as well.

It’s written in the rules that likes could be taken into account or not. And apparently, it’s 505 games who choose the 8 options.

Yes these rules are crappy…

Ehhh… Sour grapes.

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Anyone that wants to get Pridelands to 8 stars should vote for the Raksha Dwarf. Every other create a troop won’t matter enough to bring a kingdom to a Higher Star level.

Kingdom advancement shouldn’t be the priority for this type of event should it? Can’t we just play the damn game to have a little fun.


If the troop sucks… At least it’ll be able to have some benefit no matter what. Kingdom advancement is part of the fun.

We will have a Pridelands troop December 25th, so surely before having the DaT troop…
And we have no information about how to get this troop aside rewards…

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I abstain from voting, but I wish all entrants good luck.

Reason: Not too keen on most of the type and kingdom pairing. The other few I don’t care about the type. Apologies.

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Here’s mine, posted elsewhere in the feature request category but thought people might be interested in my full idea.

I just threw giant elf in there but only because it’s impossible (imo), to build a decent giant team.
So thinking about it a bit more…

He’s a giant
He’s also an elf
He’s a mythic
He’s from stormheim.
His colours are red. yellow, green.

He was chased up into stormheim by an army of undead after getting lost whilst hunting for food for his people in silverglade. He was their protector and guardian and their symbol of strength.
Its all Elspeth’s fault you see, she like totally freaked out because she like had run out of her favourite candied plums and she like ordered him to go out and get some for her in a violent storm and not come back til he’d like got her a big sack full of juicy plums.
So being the gentle giant he is, he did what the spoilt little princess asked.
However the storm hit harder and lasted far longer than anyone expected, and our poor giant was lost for almost a month, with only plums and the odd Cockatrice and Jackelope for sustainment. So when he rocked up with an empty sack at Stormheim the Northrenders asked him why he was there and why his sack was empty. He was brought in to Jarl and he told the story of how a spoilt little girl was using her royal position to get what she wanted and how she was making his life a misery. So when Jotnar got off the throne he was filled in on the details and our poor plumless giant was taken in by the natives of stormheim and he’s been there ever since.

His spell is called ‘empty my sack ‘and stuns the top and bottom enemies, and deals 40 damage to the middle two with a 5 hp extra damage for every allied and enemy giant.
Fire link
Immense (8 life on matching 5 gems)
And mythic trait is called’ lick my plums’ … give bonus mana to all troops when 4 gems are matched. I’ll explain. If you match 4 blues, anyone who uses blue gets an extra two mana. Etc etc.
Hi name is…Grundal Tarandus Versamelaar.
Please don’t take this too seriously! :blush::smiley::laughing:


Yeah, I don’t understand how these were chosen either. It seems like they just picked whichever ones they liked best with no consideration to Likes. And, naturally, they picked a bunch of ones that don’t have good synergy for kingdom + type.

I couldn’t even find 3 to vote for that interested me. It’s all weird combos that make no sense and aren’t really a good fit for the existing troops in the Kingdoms. I ended up with Silverglade & Whitehelm since they’re the closest to being useful, but neither actually excite me.

Edit: Blackhawk and Broken Spire appear to be winning. Really wish Blackhawk was Human/Rogue and Broken Spire was Elemental/Giant. Could then maybe build out a team with either Kingdom.


I’m not sure where you get this impression. Giant teams might not be front and center of the meta, but they’re definitely viable. Jarl Firemantle, Fire Giant, Titan hero, Zephyros, Jotnar Stormshield, and any of the five trolls; pick four and you’ve probably got a passable team. I use full-giants in Guild Wars and PvP, and facing a full-giant defense team can be a decent challenge. Not to mention the fact that Forest Troll is the first-slot flavor of the month in this Troll/Kraken/Mab meta.

Blackhawk has 10 troops, four of which are Human/Rogue.
Of the 19 giant-type troops, 10 of them are Elemental/Giant. That’s already more than half! We can already expect one more eventually, because there’s no red-generating troll. I suppose a lava or fire troll could be from Broken Spire, but other than that I think we’ve got enough elemental giants. Undead/Giant is kind of glaring in its absence. There’s lots of skeletonized humans (or elves or orcs, hard to know without the skin) running around Krystara, so why hasn’t a necromancer thought to do the same thing with the skeletons from larger people? I’d rather see it in Khaziel or Mist of Scales - crawling out of forgotten tombs deep underground, or ancient bog-mummies rising to walk again…

Well I’ve been playing since the beginning and giants are something that I find really hard to build on. Jarl is especially crap now since the gem spawn nerf, they’re just so meh compared to the goblins, dragons, beasts, daemons, mystics, and divines etc.
I know there’s the trolls but they don’t do any damage and none of the giants are big hitters, not end game anyway.


Not even Dawnbringer with Titan class and hero count as giant for all giants starts out with 50% mana could save them…


Too bad no one wanted to vote on a Human-only troop from Maugrim Woods :cry:



That made me laugh. Great troop idea!


I was going to suggest a Wargare / Beast troop from Maugrim Woods, but I never got around to saying it.
I suggest this because there are only two Wargare/Beast cards, I believe. Wulf and Fen. Adding a third would allow you to get a 4-part bonus for one race, a 3-part bonus for the other, and either a 3-part or 4-part bonus for the kingdom.

Yeah, I suggested an Undead/Giant, but for Karakoth. Too bad they chose BS instead. :frowning_face:

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Gog and Gud would like to have a word with you. :wink:

150dmg not big enough for you?

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No, they’re not really viable for me and I’ve really tried.

And the community has spoken! The winner is… The Merfolk/Mech from Blackhawk, as submitted by Goober! Stayed tuned as I start getting the next round ready.