Design-a-Troop (WEEK TWO: Theme & Visual Style)

Congratulations @Goober!


For those that didn’t make it here…come join us here and tell us about your troop idea?

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My first thought was an Undead/Giant as well. Figured having a three-headed Tauros as a giant would make Cerebus look like an overgrown puppy by comparison. Guess the devs don’t feel like drawing that one up. meh

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It’s time to vote on the second round of the competition!

What are our selection options (have you narrowed it down)?

There is a new Poll in the first post.

Only one vote by player now?

And why most of the choices are more Beast/Monster than Merfolk mechanoid ideas?

I am really confused now

Totally agree. The winning theme from the first round was Mech Merfolk. Not monsters, not beasts, not combos of those

The second round was supposed to be ‘About visual Mech Mermfolk’

Anyway it really doesn’t matter now, because even though the original post said - the first one with the idea would be selected, I guess that didn’t apply to round two.

I fixed it!

And there are 157 voters. It’s strange, no? It seems that the old votes are still there…

It keeps reverting to that and I don’t know why? I’ve tried again.

We can vote 3 times each, is that correct?

Votes should be bind to the post or something like that… New thread?

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It looks like its a lot bug around creating a new vote in the same post, Salty. You could try make a new post with vote, tho.

  • War/Mech Turtle (Annaerith/Skarbourne)
  • Pufferfish Mine (Doghouse)
  • Mech Mermaid (Eika)
  • Mechanical Electrical Eel - (Grundulum)
  • Merfolk Chariot (Jainus)
  • Crab Tank Mech (SKREEMZ)
  • Shocktopus (VegaDark541)
  • Harpoon Gunner + huge cannon (Zuboki)

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Yes that’s correct.

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Thanks! So many good ideas here, so nice to have 3 votes.

For me there are only 2 Merfolk… I hope the other ones will get merfolked if they won the competition…


I actually saw three of us have specific mech merfolks - mine, before Eika’s and bjb1990. There may have been one more but it referred to Hell Boy’s creature.

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I’m not really pleased with the opaque rules for the 8-choices selection (in fact, I don’t like the competition aspect)…
I think devs are also taking into account if you belong to one of the possible countries for this competition. If not, they could ignore your ideas…

If it’s a not-merfolk who win the poll, I don’t see the meaning of the 1st week…

And Mech also includes devices/machines, such as canon, rocket, etc. so a chariot should be a Mech :wink: .