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Design-a-troop Project Part 1 - POLL 1 IS SHUT - SEE THE OTHER THREAD

EDIT: the poll is about half-way down - here Design-a-troop Project Part 1 - POLL 1 IS SHUT - SEE THE OTHER THREAD

Hello all, and welcome to the Community’s first Design-a-troop collaboration project, as @sirrian kindly signalled in this thread: Community: Design-a-Troop Project

The troop will be a legendary troop. We get to come up with ideas for all of its components, and vote thereon.

Our rough sequence of stages to vote on is as follows:

  • Kingdom
  • Troop concept, theme and name (so we can then send it off to have art designed)
  • Spell mechanics, name and colours (I will agree costs with the devs to maintain balance)
  • Legendary trait mechanics and name
  • Other traits
  • Stats profiles (does it lean towards attack or life, etc)

Again, the rough sequence for each stage will be:

  • I invite suggestions on a choice
  • members reply with ideas, giving reasons, limited to one idea per member
  • I choose the best three or four ideas, with input from devs on technical and balance points
  • I put these in a poll and the community vote on the best idea
  • if there’s a tie, @sirrian gets the casting vote

I will be checking in with the devs to make sure:

  • ideas can actually be achieved in the game’s coding
  • ideas remain balanced
  • ideas don’t duplicate anything already planned

So here we go…

Design-a-troop Poll 1

First of all, we decided on the Kingdom for the new legendary troop. Please post your suggestions below, abiding by the following, to keep my life easy:

  • only one suggestion per member
  • give reasons
  • if you change your mind, edit your first post
  • duplicates of others posted are fine, especially if you’ve different reasons
  • do like others to help them make the cut
  • no slating others’ ideas

I will choose the best three or four suggestions later today (this evening, GMT, so about 12-13 hours from now) - and set up a poll with about 24 hours to vote.

PS: @Sirrian @Nimhain Thanks again, please can we get this thread pinned at the top of the forum.

Thanks in advance to everyone for the collaboration!


I will nominate ghulvania. My reason is this: the only troop used from it is banshee and crimson bat so the kingdom is underwhelming. this will add a ninth troop to the kingdom and set it up for something that sucks, no pun intended. This might make it easier to choose a troop that can combo with crimson bat or banshee in later parts of the card creation.


Ghulvania was my first thought but after looking at everything, both Desert Sands and Blighted Lands have only 7. Since I have to pick 1, I’d go with Desert Sands mostly because I’m hoping we can make the first Human class Legendary and we can make it fit better in the desert.


I dunno, desert sands has a lot of monsters and elementals in it. That does not sound like a safe place for humans to roam. However a legendary elemental could give a full team buff, and ful kingdom buff. The problem with that though is we already have a lot of elementals at legendary rarity.

Was thinking more Monster Hunter.

A new vampire in Ghulvania would be cool, since this game seems a bit weak on the vampire theme. I personally know a few players that would be quite excited if there is an incentive to bust out Lady Sapphira again.

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Exactly what i was thinking. We have a queen and a lord but no king vampire much less a good hunter for them. Why not make the legend himself into a card, Dracula the immortal or the greatest vampire slayer himself van helsing the slayer of angels and demons himself. This also would be a way to get a legendary human as humans are in ghulvania hunting monsters.


You get my vote for desert sands and humans. Need indeed to level the number of troops by region and there is much to do with Desert. So many Arabian nights ideas!

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1001 Arabian Nights and Aladdin.

Both have potential.


Humans are hard to make convincingly interesting in a setting such as this.

I vote Ghulvania. Its one of the first 8-troop kingdoms since Grave Knight was released ages ago, has received absolutely no love since then - and has a load of potential goodies to work with between vampires, slayers, monsters, tons of undead, and possibly daemons… not that we want another daemon legendary particularly.

Also, I preemptively ask that we avoid making whatever this is another Brown/Purple legendary.

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Drifting Sands or Blighted Lands. 7 Troop kingdoms.

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Please don’t critique others’ ideas.

Once you’ve put your idea up please give others a chance and don’t keep debating it here.

By all means start another thread if you want to bring more vampire debate to the devs’ attention :slight_smile:

I vote for Adana, knowing that it already has 9 Troops. I’m just a big fan of electricity and machines.

A bit far ahead, but I’m still hoping for a Thunder Dragon or Metal Dragon :smiley:

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I choose Pan’s Vale. Because, you know, goats…

What I’m hoping for, of course, is the chupacabra - or whatever creature it is that would happily snack on goats - I mean, Wildfolk.

Only problem is there are already two legendaries in the vale. But is it actually a problem?


I’d want a Blighted Lands unit.
For starters, there are only 8 units in this city. Also, I like the demon theme and I’m pretty sure a lot of cool infernal themed troops could be done for it. Plus the arts on these cards have been awesome and I’d like to see more.


I’ll be voting for Ghulvania. The horror movie theme’s rather lacking and could use some assistance.
The last troop added was a Skeleton which honestly feels more like a Khetar troop.

Werewolf, Dracula (or reverse name), Van Helsing, Mad Scientist, Gargoyle, even a possible Flesh Dragon!
So many wonderful untouched troop possibilities, it’d be sweet to implement one of them.


Ghulvania, for all the reasons already given above.


I think dwarves need their true King to enter the battlefield. Khaziel gets my vote!


Although there are only 2 kingdoms left with only 7 troops, I believe that before our troop is released, they will have their 8th troop.

So let’s not focus on Kingdoms lacking their 8th troop and consider all 7-8 troop kingdoms.

Cast aside Kingdoms that already have 2 legendaries and we are left with :
Blighted Lands
Divinion Field
Drifting Sands
Forest of Thorns
Maugrim Woods
Wild Plains

Out of these, Ghulvania is the only one having no more than one epics.
One of the oldest kingdoms in the game and one that didn’t get any new troops in a long time…

My vote goes to Ghulvania.