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Design-A-Troop Competition! (WEEK 4: Name and Traits!)

It’s the final week of our Design-a-Troop Competition! How exciting! Now it’s time to put forward your ideas concerning the name and traits our brand new, community designed troop will have.

To recap, you will be naming and traiting a Merfolk/Mech from Blackhawk! The troop is a Shoctopus, and its spell goes as follows: “Octo-Shock - 12 Green/Yellow (Choose a colour. Destroy 8 gems of the chosen colour. Deal [magic+something] true damage to each enemy of that colour.)”

Have at it everyone. :slight_smile: (Please remember we will be balancing this troop upon the completion of this competition.)


Name: Shocktopus (my original contribution is adding the letter k :slight_smile: )
1st trait: Mech Bond. (Allied Mech gain 2 life.)
2nd trait: Water spirit. (Gain 1 magic for each blue ally.)
3rd Trait: Electric Shock. All enemies lose 2 health when the enemy matches blue gems.


Name: Shoctopussy
Trait 1 - Mech Bond
Trait 2 - Big (gain 1 life on 4-5 gem matches)
Trait 3 - Sea Spray (opponents lose 2 attack each turn)

Name: Shock-Oc

Trait 1: Mech Bond
Trait 2: Water Link
Trait 3: Dive- submerge on blue matches

(If original 3rd traits are allowed, if not I will edit)



1st- give allied mechs 2 armor
2nd- bonus mana on yellow gem matches (Air Link)
3rd- reflect 25% of skull damage (Infernal Armor)

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Just as a quick update, we are open to new traits if they can be used for other troops in the future. This means no crazy unique traits, but if you have a fun new idea please feel free to share.


I’m really bad with names, but at least i’m not alone…


An alternate to Shoctopussy’s third trait could be:

Trait 3 - Whirlpool (x% chance of taking skull damage from opponent)

Takoyaki (I like that :slight_smile: and very bad with names)
Trait 1 - Deal double Skull damage vs. Submerged troops. (new Fish Eater)
Trait 2 - Gain bonus Blue Mana from Blue Gem matches. (Water Link)
Trait 3 - Reduce damage from Skulls by 25%. (Armored)

@Saltypatra said:

I count at least 3 of them…


Name: Lil Johnny’s Pet Fish
Trait 1 - Indigestible: Immune to Devour
Trait 2 - Armored: Reduce damage from Skulls by 25%
Trait 3 - Reverb: Deal 1 damage to an enemy that casts a spell targeting this troop. (New)

Name: Kijoules
Trait 1: Thick Head (immune to stun)
Trait 2: Tangle (inflict entangle when dealing skull damage)
Trait 3: Stone Skin (reduce damage from skulls by 50%)

The name is a mix of joule (unit of measurement of electricity) and Kaiju (a monster from the deep!).
The traits make it a good defensive first slot to keep it alive to mana generate. I wanted to get ‘Tangled’ in there because I imagined it’s tentacles wrapping around it’s foe when attacking.


Name: Tanktacule

1- Thick Head
2- Reinforced
3- Suppression

Name: Octobot

Trait 1 - Indigestible
Trait 2 - Water Link
Trait 3 - Stoneskin


Well, since Shoctopus is already taken, let’s try another angle.

This is going to be an epic troop, so perhaps a unique shocktopus is in order.

How about:

Name: Shocktopus Prototype VII

Trait 1: Merfolk Bond (Allied Merfolk gain +2 life)
Trait 2: Indigestible (Immune to devour)
Trait 3: Defensive Formation (Submerge myself when I reach full mana)

Flavor text “As Sparkgrinder always says, seven times the charm!”


Name: Sir Inks-A-Lot

  • Trait 1: allied mech +2 life
  • Trait 2: deal double damages to monster
  • Trait 3: All enemies take 3 true damage when they deal Skull damage
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I think the name needs to be Shocktopus. That’s what caught the imagination when the concept was suggested and got so many votes.

@saltypatra personally I’d remove the name from voting and make this poll/thread just about the traits. Otherwise I’m stuck suggesting traits paired with a different name which won’t get votes.

Traits suggestion:

  • stealthy
  • merfolk shield
  • mana shield

I only know that another card game called YU-GI-OH has a Shocktopus, Gems of War could have had one too, but it would be cooler with something unique.

Name: S.Q.U.I.D (Super Quantum Universal Ink Discharger)

Mana Shield (Immunity to Mana Burn)
Engulf/Flood (Deal double Skull damage vs. Submerged enemies) NEW TRAIT
Indigestible (Immunity to Devour)


Name: Depth Charger

Blessed (All Allies gain 2 random stat points)
Cursed (All Enemies lose 2 random stat points)
Mech Power (Allied Mech gain 1 magic)*

*New trait similar to the ______Bond and ______Shield traits which provide a bonus to ally life and armor of that type respectively. ______Power would provide a smaller bonus (+1 instead of +2) to magic to allies of that type.

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Shocktopuppy. Because if Sparkgrinder came up with it, it’s nothing but a puppy according to him (see Adana quest line).

As for traits, I’d go with

  • Insulated
  • big
  • invention