Design-a-troop Project Part 1a - Kingdom poll is now closed!

Great name!

Here’s another take:
Righteous fury:
16 y/bl
Destroy all purple, convert brown to blue, deal (magic damage) to a target, double damage if daemon, knock them back to last spot.

Daemon hunter
Undead hunter
Skull damage hits the last troop

The machine knight is trying to kill us all! Run!!! The robots are coming!!!

(On topic: Why brown to blue specifically? Just curious why you chose those colours)

He fears Terraxis?

I love the fancy patterns, but even “2x2 cluster” is probably stretching what will fit in a text description. :slight_smile:

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Brown seems to be associated with undead and several of the daemons use it.

Water (blue) is traditionally a powerful tool to use against evil.

There are 15 daemons in the game, 8 of which are legendary, and 5 with extremely common use.

So yes he does fear Terraxis.

Although I see Brown and the first thing I think is Rock Worm.

In telling you, every time adana gets ahead done mystery voters show up and get BL to one vote higher.

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It looks like the vote between Adana and Blighted Lands is too close. I guess the devs just have to do 1 for both. :wink:


There are also 5 troops with demonic pact.

Let’s do it!

Fair enough, I was assuming the Purple was signifying the undead (since things like Skeleton and Zombie use it) and the magic needed to raise them. Brown I’ve always associated with the earth, though I can see how some undead could use it (since they are raised from the dead who are buried in the earth.

Blue I see more as Shield and Armour themed (look at the knights, and especially the most recent Winter Knight (though granted he has blue for other reasons as well))

Go into the game and look at hero tab and look at the symbols on the mastery page :slight_smile:

Yeah, a Daemon slayer could be purple (most rogue-types in game are purple) or green for stealth, or both (like Tyri). We also have a yellow/green archer and a yellow/purple one, so yellow could also fit.

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Oh I agree that the base theme for it is water. This shows up in almost all of Glacial Peaks troops, and in troops like Sea Troll. I just see it more often used by Knights (since people still like fielding all knight teams <_<) and I’ve been toying with Winter Knight a bit lately, which might be skewing my perception a bit.

I think winter knight is a great concept!

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Yeah, actually that reminds me of a noteworthy point I realised last night. Status effects are most useful when you have troops that actually act upon them, and not just apply them. Until Glacial Peaks Frozen was seen as a minor annoyance, but nothing that bad beyond that. But with Glacial Peaks and traits like Shatter and Yeti’s spell it’s starting to become something people are paying attention to. I believe that Disease needs more things using it other than Venbarak using it to bring it into more prominence as a status effect.

All the other effects have spells or traits that act upon them (Other than I think Silence, but it’s a little different since it already blocks the use of a troops spell), on top of their actual effects.

Currently trying to build something interesting from Glacial Peaks (Without legendaries, since I don’t have them) that uses Frozen as more than just a blocking effect.

My main point is we should remember that status effects are a thing, and could work quite nicely in a legendary troop’s arsenal. (Though a lot of the legendaries do that already…), especially if it acts on the status effect rather than applies it.

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This post says hi.

Not to derail this topic too far but I’ve been running:
Winter Knight ***
Winter Wolf ***
Yeti ***
Jackelope ***


Well give us some details, how do you like it?!

I was testing that out last night actually but had Yeti and Jackelope swapped. But they’re all level 5, and I have no traits on them at the moment :frowning: (Need more souls and stones!)

I felt Jackelope was a tad squishy to be in the back, which was why I put Yeti there.

Also can we get more Glacial Peaks sub-Epic? (ie UR and below) I love their concepts, just wish there was more to play with! (Yeah I know it was only just released so I might be waiting a while…)