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Traitstone costs 1.0.8

First thank you @dhjl, @Shimrra and @Aelthwyn for the traitstone cost values for each base rarity. Otherwise I could not have done all this work and thank you @Turintuor for your help to correct it :wink:

You can find for each kingdom the number of required traitstone (including the new Wild Plain troop) and also the overall total.

I hope you like it :yum:
PS : if you see an error, send me a pm


Love it!

But… What’s the Surprise kingdom?

The next kingdom ;), but it is a surprise out of respect for developers

What a spoiler ! The name of the next Kingdom begins by the letter D or F, CONFIRMED !

spotted errors, I correct asap

the error was here
it’s 6+6 runic for the second trait

update done

Thanks a lot. I was trying to assess how many traitstones I still needed but there were still some data I didn’t have.

Comparing the traitstones needed vs the drop rate (from the other thread):

Needed = 64.43%
Drop rate = 61.76%

Needed = 14.23%
Drop rate = 26.40%

Needed = 13.08%
Drop rate = 9.31%

Needed = 7.62%
Drop rate = 1.86%

Needed = 0.64%
Drop rate = 0.68%

We are getting almost twice as many Majors as we need, while only getting about a quarter of the Arcanes we need. Runics are dropping a little less frequent than needed, but Minors and Celestials are just about perfect ratios.


And this is without considering chests I guess. Most people tend to get more majors than anything from chests…

So… you need just as many runics a you do majors. Makes sense considering there as many epic troops now than rare troops.

The problem, it seems I am close to maxed on majors, while not even making a dent in runics.

This is really helpful , thx. I think sth will be done about the redundant major stones in 1.09. Now when getting a major one in battle I become a little frustrated.

Ah, so one needs to farm just 110600 challenges for the arcanes. Super duper fun.

The developers have left themselves headroom for introducing new content that rewards traitstones. Good planning!

Oh. I was gonna update my list, at this point I may as well delete it lol. Carry on.

And now traitstone by troops

I think it can be useful

Enjoy :wink:


@KAYA43V3R Excellent Job! Thank you.

There’s an understatement :stuck_out_tongue:


I think you just helped make @Nimhain’s job a bit easier with that troop list. Especially when paired with the first Cost image.

Wonderful collection of info! I’ll be referring to this topic less than I should, and more than I’d like to have to. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think @Nimhain has a lot to do, and if this can help , it is with pleasure :wink:

Might as well tell me how many strokes it will take to swim from Aruba to Madagascar.

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