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Traitstones Crafting

Okay, I know I’m not going to make friends with this post, but here it goes.

I currently have hundreds of unused minor and major traitstones (except for the minor fire ones).
I would like to combine them into larger traitstone…

Is that in the plan/work? If not, can it be?


Some sort of conversion system. For instance, I have more Minor Waters than the rest of my MInors combined but the least Runic Waters. It could be color to color in the same tier, or tier to tier in the same color, or a combination…

And of course, nobody can use their Celestials. Or their Majors.


I was thinking of a sysytem to exchange lower tier traitstones for higher ones. Maybe 8:1…

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i think that’s a good idea, mr sammy. :smiley:

10 minor for 1 major
10 major for 1 runic
5 arcane for 1 celestial
2 arcanes for a random arcane.

I think that’d be fine. No?


3 of 1 color to 1 of the same level of a another color?

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I would like to expand the idea to include dismantling as well. I currently have 2x as many majors as I do minors.

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Agreed on general principle. There should be a way to convert so that people aren’t stuck with a pile of traitstones they can’t use.

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I wish I had this problem!

I actually made a post similar to this in another thread a few minutes ago. I didn’t see your post before. I completely support this idea.


Oh, even just for gold. That’s better than nothing. Seeing as we’re going to be loaded with Majors…

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I have a small amount of traitstones from the few that have shown up in chests… how do people have so many? Is there some way to get them I’m not seeing?

yep better than nothing, and if we can sell maps it will be great…

I’d rather they made them more useful. Although I am biased… I like maps.

Although its already been said multiple times that traitstones should totally be in maps. That would make them worthwhile.

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pvp and challenges have about a 50/50 chance of getting one… its been noted that the quest area and home kingdom/banner increase that particular color.

This is ridiclous. I know I just got a bunch of blues artificially from the Stormheim event, but I have this:

I also have THIS:

I am now setting my home kingdom to Stormheim ahead of everyone fast-tracking to PVP-rank 1 so that my defenses can be guaranteed blues. Just to get some Runics… and its going to pump my Minors through the roof, through the atmosphere and into space.

This is precisely why we need a crafting/transforming/exchange/conversion WHATEVER system in place.

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How did you get so many runics?!?

I probably just haven’t spent as many. Gem Keys mostly though, probably 40% chance or something on them.

Very much agreed.At the present time, higher-level stones are too rare and lower-level stones are too abundant, so it’s a panoply of annoyances.

The idea of being able to further upgrade favored cards via these various systems (ascension, traits, etc.) is great, but the degree of actual control the player has over whether they’re able to do so is much too low. There’s really just not much you can do but hope if you’re trying to grab runics.

I’d like to see an upgrade system and a sidegrade system, exchanging so many of one color for fewer of another.

Also, if we ever do get an upgrade system for traitstones, they should be removed from chests. Nothing is worse than opening gem or honor chests and getting…a rock.

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