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Ultra-Rare Troops

They currently take minors/runics, But based on traitstone per troop, they should be changed to minors/majors/runics, and any already traited should have a refund button next to them.

EDIT: Second traits, sorry forgot to specify


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bump, guess noone cares?

Any change to use more majors and fewer runics would get a thumbs up from me.

I think the problem is that almost all posts about like, “Hey, here’s an idea to make traiting troops easier!” get the inevitable reply of, “Yeah, but the devs don’t want to make it (much) easier, traitstones are their moneymaker.”


I would like to have all the troops in the game have their traits reduced at least 10%. I wish i did not have to use rare or even arcane trait stones on a common as for me it does not seem fitting. Also you posted your topic while i was asleep.


Well, it’s not a wrong conclusion to draw. If the devs had another method to encourage pay then it’d be fine, but easier traiting does cut into the bottom line. (This will likely be reworked slightly in the next patch where Arcane’s will have another method to obtain, but Gems/Glory Keys will be partially more scarce, it’s a balancing act.)

I’d personally rather have the game alive and slighty-frustrating, rather than dirt poor and gone.

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What if devs made single arcane traitstone purchases available for like 99 cents? or even a pack of 4 for 5 dollars wouldn’t be too bad