New Trait - Mining

it would be cool if there was a trait that increased the drop rate of runic and arcane stones! i do a lot of traitstone farming and there are traits for souls and gold but not for traitstones, it would be really cool xD


Give that to the Dwarven Miner! Would make him be worth taking.


maybe a spell that gives a % chance to get extra stones

Maybe Runesmith, a character that literally creates traitstones in his lore, could actually help create traitstones in battle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Interesting idea but I doubt it will happen. It limits the troop choice in farming stones. You basically get a flat raise in drop rate and can only choose 3 troops.

I must respectfully disagree. The same could be said about “choosing” to take a gold or soul farming troop. You then only have 3 troops to select from. By end game you are essentially farming with 2 troop combos anyway, I would probably take two of them to further increase the %! :wink:

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Right, you are talking from a player’s perspective. I am talking from a slightly different one.

And there was an event in the first half of last year where using Runesmith in your team gave double traitstones… so it’s not that far a stretch? :stuck_out_tongue:

Though more on topic, while I like this idea in theory, I’m not sure how well it would work in practice, for reasons @efh313 mentioned. We’d see it on a number of troops (only legendaries and above have unique traits) so the ability to build a team around the trait is probably quite doable. However, the main bottle neck for high end players (I believe) is traitstones, so a trait like this would cause some major shifts in the economy, and might not be something the devs want to do, as traitstones are probably a large part of their IAP income.

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well i have been farming for hours to get the humility final trait and am only at 8/18 arcane… anything that would speed it up i would use at this point xD atleast i am soul farming as i do it to level my kingdoms too lol

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Yeah, I’ve recently hit all kingdoms at level 10 and have started to shift my focus to souls. Trying to trait Pharos, but the Arcane Spirits don’t want to drop D: I agree it would be nice, but I’m not sure it would be good for the game in the long term from the economy point of view.