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The trait troop

We have troops that make souls (valkyrie, avina) and troops that make gold (alchemist, dwarvan miner, finley, tyri) and a troop that makes a map randomly (tyri) so maybe we can in the future get a troop that makes trait stones.

Seeing as we have troops that gather resources and how maps can get trait stones i thought why not also make a troop that can create trait stones. We need an enormous amount of trait stones to trait troops and we would have to either battle a bunch of monsters in each kingdom to possible get what we need to get our desired line up or we need to use a massive truck load of maps or use an enormous amount of currency to get all the necessary trait stones. I am aware this might effect the fragile economy but i think it would be better to make a new troop than to make a crafting recipe section in game however it might make it easier on the users (and the devs who play).

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I’m thinking a hero armor would fit better.

more likely to drop traits or increade number dropped? Also with the new (once only) effect trait troop might get stuck with that.

Either works for me. Our more likely to drop higher rarity…

Funny, I kinda thought of that today…

Dwarven Jeweler
Kingdom : Khaziel
Type : Dwarf
Base Rarity : Ultra Rare
Mana Colors : Red / Purple (it would be the first purple troop for Khaziel, but Khaziel only uses 4 colors at the moment, wich is behind most of the Kingdoms).
Spell : 5[+magic]% chances to get a random traitstone and transform all gems of a chosen mana color to Brown to boost the effect. Ratio 2:1. Cap of traitstones per battle : 3.
Mana Cost : 10, like most of the “transform all gems of a chosen color to X color” with no additionnal battle value
Flavor Text : “I am a Dwarf and I’m digging a hole, diggy diggy hole~”

(If anyone is missing the reference for that flavor text : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytWz0qVvBZ0 )


That is an excilent card in theory. We need more cards that transform to non-loved colours.

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Yup, but it needs to remain balanced, as in “it needs not to create free easy 2 card infinite loops”.

Like Green Seer / Giant Spider does… Stupid combo in my opinion.
You can just play some team like
Tank (I’d go with Behemoth for his traits)
Giant Spider
Green Seer
Boar Rider
And that’s an easy win against anyone

Wich is why I went for a red / purple troop : there are no easy loops.
At first I though of a Yellow / Purple, but it would loop too easily with Alchemist and end up creating free yellow / brown mana… This could mean an unbeatable Infernal King deck for example…

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How about a single use high mana cost guaranteed stone.

I like it, i like it. Single use spells seem to be powerful but that limit sucks.

Or give us a way to “ascend\transform” traitstones
5 great stones>1 runic
3 of each runic >1 arcane stone…

As the game goes you could get a troop that makes major traitstones. How useful that be I leave as exercise to the reader.

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So many possibilities that could be possible and yet no devs have come into the conversation to tell us if this is a good idea or not.

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That’s bc it’s a terrible idea from a dev perspective. Traitstones are currently the focus of end-game grinding so making it easier to get them would mean players would find themselves with nothing to do/buy. And as much as players complain about the grind, if it didn’t exist they would bail. Objectives keep people playing and paying. And this is a free game after all. Sirrian’s team has mouths to feed and Traitstones are currently the one thing that doesn’t come easy to end-gamers.

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That is a fair point. Getting trait stones are easy when you use tyri to gather maps to get 0-100(?) trait stones from maps. The grind is actually fun (for me) as they made it easier to get maps. I thought when they turned maps into a farm-able thing that (to me) it became a type of currency like souls and gold. I am not suggesting a troop to grind out glory cause i understand how overly abusive that can be. How many trait stones are needed to get a hero class maxed or to fully trait a legendary or so. I would agree it might be bad and that we can look to maps for easy trait stone gathering but 90% probable think it would be great to have a troop to rely on to get them easier traits. this isn’t even the only thread about this either.

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So true so true