Exchanging traitstone

The other day I opened a batch of glory keys and was excited to see the Legendary Orange color… excitement quickly dashed when I saw it was a Celestial Traitstone instead. Which got me thinking, it would be cool if you could convert traitstones into random troops of equal quality, perhaps at a 2:1 ratio.

2 Celestial => Random Legendary
2 Arcane => Random Epic
2 Runic => Random Ultra-Rare
2 Major => Random Rare
2 Minor => Random Common

Could also be neat to do the reverse. On the disenchant screen let there be an option, either souls or traitstones of same rarity. That way if I have an Ultra Rare at Mythic level, I could disenchant extras into Runics to trait out troops. Again at a 2:1 ratio. If doing troop to stones, I’d probably make the stone match what the troop uses. So a Blue/Green Ultra-Rare would give either a Blue or Green Runic.

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