Major/Minor traitstone suggestion

It seems that the major and minor traitstones are kind of a waste, and especially once you start really gaining levels. I was wondering if you would ever consider a conversion system where you could convert so many minor, and/or major, traistones to runic traistones of that same color? It would also be neat to see more ways to earn the arcane traitstones. Sorry if this has been suggested before, but it was just a thought. I have so many major/minor traistones that will probably never get used with the current system.

It has been suggested many times before. There is a crafting system coming in the next update that might help to address this problem, but details are very scarce right now. We just have to wait for the update and see.


I figured, but while not new to the game I am new to the forums. Definitely interested to see what the update brings then. Thanks!