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Traitstone upgrading?

Have ideas ever been discussed for a system where lower traitstones are spent/sacrificed to become higher level ones? i.e X minor traitstones become 1 major, major > runic, runic > arcane? Would really help balance the crazy amount of major traitstones.

It’s been brought up a lot. No official comment on the issue, but since no such feature has arrived in any form, the safe assumption is that (a) they don’t believe it is healthy for the game or (b) it would negatively impact the bottom line, since traitstones are sold in the store. I think it’s a combination of both.

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As Lyya stated.

In addition:
I believe Sirrian also mentioned that the next update on PC will include Guild troops that use mostly Major Traitstones. So that should help use up some of the extra Majors people have accumulated.

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and the redistribution of task rewards favouring gold keys over glory keys will go some way to changing the minor vs major balance.


Cheers guys, good to know that devs and fans are on the ball about issues.