A possible solution to minor traitstones

So for exactly 1 blue mana I decided to brainstorm and I thought of a possible remedy the developers could take to give us better access to minor traitstones. I was thinking that if glory keys had a chance to drop minor traitstones (say 3 at a time) people will have better access to them. What does people think about this proposal? Does anyone have any better ideas?

@Sirrian, @Nimhain, is this something that is anywhere near possible?

Please no. We’re about to start getting hundreds upon hundreds of Gold Keys every week, and many of the players that are most vocal about needing more minors will now find themselves with leftover gold every week and the only option to spend it will be on even more Gold Keys. I strongly suspect that the days of minor traitstone constraints will be over in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, adding minors to Glory Keys means something else will drop loss, and everyone but end-gamers need the rarer traitstones far more than the less rarer ones. Let’s not punish newer players for the first world problems of others.


I’m against that… for the following reasons:

  1. The guild rewards now get you a huge amount of gold keys which can get you access to minor stones.
  2. The amount of gold guild members could contribute is now limited to some extent, so if your guild happens to reach the maximum gold, every single coin left can be used to purchase gold keys (theoretically, cause I dont think there are too many guilds that hit the 15.6 mio gold cap weekly).
  3. Getting minor traitstones from glory keys makes glory keys less valuable for ppl that are swimming in minor traitstones like me, cause I got 1000+ of every minor ts. I wouldnt want to see them when I open a glory chest.

Herein lies the problem with minors/majors:

  • Almost every source of minors can also give you majors (exception: weekly glory packs, rare redeem codes).

  • You get approximately 2-3 minors for every major from any source you can get both (gold keys 3:1, battles/treasure hunt 2:1)

  • You can get majors from sources you cant get minors from (glory keys)

  • Every troop needs minors to trait.

  • Every troop (non-guardian) troop from common to legendary requires between 3.5 and 8.25 times as many minors as they do majors.

  • Guardians and Mythics require quite a bit more majors than minors, about 4.2 and 2.3 times as many respectively. However, not enough exist to overcome the dependency - this accounts for only about 900 majors so far. Unless you go from zero to traiting one of these troops, they will never be a bottleneck ever, and you are likely to have hundreds of extra major stones by the time you are done traiting, not even considering the ones from glory keys. Celestials have a similar problem compared to Arcanes, except tons of Arcanes enter the economy through glory packs which do not give Celestials, so they still serve a purpose (a guildmate of mine ran out the other day). Long term, I’m hoping this gap to close a bit more to mirror the current drop ratios, so that about 2-3 times as many minor are needed as major, period, and the colors are fairly evenly spread.

We really don’t need minors from glory key drops though. With how many are now being offered per week, getting anything that isn’t a troop is going to sting, especially a number of minor stones - that is, unless the drop chance came entirely out of what is currently dropping major stones, which would be still be wash at best. We are getting so few glory keys now that anything that is not a troop is going to really sting. The increased gold key numbers should do a bit to alleviate some of the bottleneck (roughly 22 more minors per week per color), combined with the gold cap at the top allowing people to funnel gold into gold keys if needed.

In my opinion, the drop rate ratio of minor to major from battles could favor minor a bit more based on how many of each are needed, but it looks like the ratio of what is needed may also be slowly correcting itself.

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It’s also worth mentioning that the minor traitstone problem disproportionately affects the most elder players. They didn’t have the benefit of playing through the game and slowly accumulating traitstones as they progressed. Think about all the Kingdom Quests, Challenges, PvP matches, Treasure Hunts, etc. that elder players played before they ever got their first traitstone. Then, once they started getting them, the vast majority were coming from Glory Keys (b/c of the broken Guild Tasks system), which meant an abundance of Majors.


I dont understand the deal with minor traitstones. I dont lack any of them, I have at least 1k of each and I have every single troop traited. Thats weird :smiley: