Take Minor Traitstones Out of Legendary Tasks

… and put them somewhere else. We need them, that’s why they’ve been slapped on here, but that’s a failure of the rest of the system to provide them in sufficient quantities. Having traitstones in one of the task chains, for instance, would be better. Or - as I’m sure has been suggested multiple times - remove Majors from Gold Keys and have all those be Minors. Or anything else!

One of these is not like the others. Past a certain point - which most people in guilds who can do legendary tasks are sort of way past now - Minor traitstones are basically a booby prize.

And this isn’t just one time too many where we got more Minor Wind traitstones* instead of something nice like Gems. It doesn’t actually make sense to me that these are at the top end of the prize pool for tasks.

(*: It’s, I don’t know, nine or ten times?)

Something to think about before 2.2 hits…


I’d be in favor of this

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Whynot minor fires?

I wish majors nor minors were in keys, pisses me off to get 30 stones in a 50 glorykey bag ugh

100% agree with the original post. I’d also be in favor of taking out glory, which is also easily obtainable by just playing normally. All of the other rewards are appropriately differentiated from what you get by just playing the game, but not these two. Thanks!

I’d have thought after all the gold spent completing the initial tasks to get to the legendary tasks and then having to donate 1m to each of those would mean they get ‘legendary’ rewards. To me, minor traitstones aren’t exactly legendary with the word ‘minor’ being used… although, if you really wanted to keep annoying people, at least give a heap of them lol 20-30 seems a bit of a slap in the face haha

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Instead of 20 Minor I would be happy if it was changed to 3-5 Runics.

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They presumably put them there because the same people who have the gold to reach them are also the ones asking the most for minors. They are valuable, despite what our instincts tell us. It’s that cognitive dissonance that has plagued traitstones since the were introduced, that minors are more valuable than majors. Putting them in the legendary tasks seems like an attempt to address the supply problem, without addressing the underlying issue.

I support this idea 100%.

I just want seals working properly in the task. I feel like 50% of the time the drops of legendary tasks are just the 3 different keys.

To be completely honest the legendary tasks are extremely dissapointing.


Yes, a thousand times yes.

Even Glory Keys feel like a booby prize, but I’d rather have that as the lowest tier reward rather than 30 stones that stopped being useful to me 300+ play hours ago.

edit: I changed my mind. Now I don’t know. As a player that has 2 accounts, one inactive late game and one active early game I can now see both sides.

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Note that 81% of players voted to ditch minor traitstones in a poll. Only 5% wanted to keep them.

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