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Petition for the removal of minor traitstones from Legendary Tasks

I never knew until recently how common minor traitstones are in LTs. This seems a bit off imho. Most of the people who benefit from LTs have absolutely no need of minor traitstones.

I feel that completing LTs should be a rewarding accomplishment and receiving minors just isnt.

So i am starting a petition to humbly request they be removed from the list of items that can be received from LTs.

Anyone who agrees please like this post and sign your nickname and i will compile a list for the devs!

Edit: please dont replace them with majors.

Vangor (Gems of the Ostfront)(Nemesis)


My reservations would be:

  1. We should find out very soon what is required for crafting and if traitstone crafting will be a thing. It may be that the value equation for minor traitstones changes dramatically in the next couple weeks; and
  2. If you aren’t very specific about what you are asking for, the devs just might replace minors with majors.

For an endgame player it feels even bad to get Runics, then imagine what it is like to get minors.
But Legendary tasks was meant to be cheap from the very beggining, as a minor bonus of
those whom did all the basic tasks. I claps my hands whenever my guild does a LT that is rewarding 60 gems or 6 gem keys. Every better rewards is just a great surprise.


I thought about that and still would have them removed.

Good point! OP edited brudda thanks!


My first thought was… “petition to chill out” and see what happens in the next 7 days. Please don’t take this an attack, just wait and see. It theory, we are close to the update.


I have enough minors and majors geeesh :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:


There was a pretty big thread about this a while back and it seemed that there was no consensus on what was useless, even among end-game players. For me, I’ve got all the runics I’ll ever need, but can still use minors of every color except yellow. My guild is gradually building toward where we might be able to start doing legendaries, in which case I’d just be happy to get anything.


Replace minor traitstones in legendary tasks with the new jewels used for crafting.

Quick edit to call the devs:
@Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra :wink:


Fantastic idea! +1000 to @Tacet!

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Even 1 jewel will be nice to get if they are worthy. Good suggestion!


Sorry, I still want to see what the system is going to be before I’d agree to that. If the only other source is dungeon battles (which we know to be limited for everyone), then I wouldn’t want to see the top guilds get yet another massive advantage over the rest.


We don’t know anything.

What if to make 1 Arcane Lava you need 250 Minor Red and 250 Minor Brown? In around one more week there will be more than enough material to post petitions. :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i already have 200 Arcane Lavaz :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just out of curiosity, where are you getting this timeline?

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Thats a good point and i dont expect anything to change that quick anyway.

When crafting does come out i would totally support any necessary revision to this petition.

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Saltypatra said console will be getting the update by the end of the month IF it doesn’t get rejected… by MS or Sony.

(We can probably assume Mobile & PC will be very close to that date too).


Did she also say that they’d let us know when it was submitted, or only when it was approved?

I’m hoping you’re right (about the schedule) for all kinds of reasons…


She said that too… although historically they always seem to wait a few days to post that its been Submitted for some reason. Even as far back as Mr. Strange

I’m really concerned about the dynamic data downloading getting a big red stop sign from MS.


Yes, I agree with what you said elsewhere on that. I hope they are able to get it through, though, as it would seemingly prevent any future delays in troop releases for us and, hopefully, put me out of my forum job within a few weeks. Anyway, I’m going to stop derailing this thread now. If we want to talk about this further, we can do it in my Unofficial Console Event thread.

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I’m gonna… yeah I’ll just leave these here. Carry on.