Dear devs, could you please give us runic traitstones in legendary tasks instead of minors?

Dear @Sirrian @Nimhain and anyone else who is in a position to change these things that will listen. Would it be possible to switch out minor traitstones from the legendary task loot table with runic traitstones? I know this isn’t an issue for most players, as many are in guilds that do not finish legendary tasks. But, for those of us who do, I think getting runic traitstones instead of minors would be a welcome change. We get plenty of minor stones now with all the gold keys we get weekly. I have all the minors I need, but I am sorely lacking in runic traitstones. Especially now that the new guild wars troops require 60 runic stones each! I know most everyone in my guild complains when we get minor traitstones. And we seem to get them very often. I’m not trying to complain here (although many of my posts kind of lean that way, I still really love the game honestly). I am glad that you have given the more active guilds a chance to complete legendary tasks. Is there any chance that you all would do such a thing as I ask? Or at least consider it? Thanks for reading.


I think it would be totally appropriate.
Swap out 30 minors for 10 runics of that color.
Done and done! :wink:


Surely there are a few people out there that would prefer runic stones over minor stones from legendary tasks, no?


Yeah, those minors are like a slap in the face after a million gold


Yeah. It’s really pretty lame to put so much gold into a task, only to be rewarded with minor stones. Especially now that we get so many from gold keys we get from regular tasks.

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No. I’ve always had plenty of runics. It’s always been minor reds and arcanes that have been bottlenecks for me…

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Yep, I need minor stones more then runic.

30 minors are worth less then 10 runics… more like 5 or 6 runics, but in general its nice idea


I would love runics instead of minors. Minors are so easy to get from gold keys and explore. I have around 500 of each colour minor (1000 yellows) and only 50 of most runics (163 yellows).

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Put me down for 4-5 Runics in place of 30 Minors.


Really? I believe that you’ve probably leveled or would like to level a lot of troops that require minor stones. But, runics are much more difficult to come by. I bet if you checked your stash, you’d see you’re in more need of runics than minors.
I doubt your experience would deviate so much from my own in regards to the rate of different stones you acquire.

Yep I agree! I always love reading the conversion rates people come up with. Usually crazy biased in the player favor.

Perhaps rather than ONE single Traitstones category they could spread it around. RNG determines color say: Red you then get something like 8 Red Minors, 4 Red Majors, 2 Red Runics, and perhaps a 1 RNG Red Arcane


People always say they need red minors, but all I ever get from Legendary tasks is YELLOW minors. :joy:


You would lose that bet. I don’t need any runics or minors. Only arcanes and celestials missing for me…

I was always short on red minors until 3 months ago. I’ve NEVER been short on runics. You can doubt all you like, it doesn’t change the fact that my experience apparently was very different from yours…

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Therein lies part of the problem with many of the regular weekly “Devs please change x to fix my y problem”. Balance needs to be considered across all players and at most levels. This is why the Devs probably skip personalized balance changes.

Not saying Traitstones to Troops are in sync, there not. But a change must be mindful of most players.


Congratulations. But, it appears you don’t need minors either, so your point is moot.

Like I said above, I’m don’t need minors anymore. But minor reds were my main bottleneck until 3 months ago. So the point is definately not moot. You want it to be moot because you don’t agree with me, not agreeing with someone doesn’t change the facts…

Cool. Apologies. I still think runics are harder to come by though.

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I was in the same boat, I had finished runics WAY before I finished minors. However, that was mostly due to the days of endless glory keys from the old guild task system. Anybody starting now is likely to have fewer runics than minors.


I think 2/3 runics is a reasonable replacement for 20/30 minors. Is there honestly a single person in a guild that hits tasks every week who would rather have 30 minors than 2 runics?