Minor stones in legendary tasks

OK, let’s get this topic going and hope the devs will do something about it, now i know we have a bunch of grieving going on with guild wars and op troops, but what about the garbage we get when we spend a million gold on a legendary just to get 30 minor stone, 2 event keys and 6 gems. not really worth it. can we please make legendary tasks way more legendary, or have 2 separate tasks, a 500 k and a million. for common rewards we shouldn’t have to spend our well earned gold. we are rank 15 so it’s not like we complete 30 a week,just 3 this week and out of 2 we pulled 60 minors. can we grieve enough to get this corrected to? it was nice getting runics added in, but please remove common rewards we get per match.thank you.i don’t make to many topics, so i’ll start out with a bang i suppose.


While I do agree fully that minor trait stones are not worth 1 million gold perhaps they will become more valuable after we get a crafting system. I like to believe the devs have some type of road map for this game and have accounted for this in their planning of legendary rewards.

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Who needs minors lmao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or majors :kissing_closed_eyes: